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Puzzles at the Gnome

As fall approaches and the weather turns cold it’s time to look for things that you can do inside, however it can be hard to find things that everyone can enjoy at the same time. One thing that everyone can agree on though are puzzles! From 2000 piece to mini stocking stuffer puzzles – Gnome Games stocks a plethora of different puzzles for all types of people. Which one is for you?

Here are a few types that might be just what you want to put together!

Art Aficionados –

The fine art poster company Eurographics has brought their art collection to puzzles. Everything from DaVinci to Dali is available in a beautifully rendered images.

Curious Minds –

There are also educational puzzles with star charts, world maps, the periodic table, the list goes on.

Even charts showing the evolution of trains, fire trucks, tanks, fighter planes, and Corvettes!

Aspiring Artists

Puzzles to color that come with an included hanging kit so the masterpiece can go on the wall as soon as it’s done.

Including Everyone

Springbok’s Puzzles to Remember line is specially designed for those with memory issues. They come in 36 and 100 piece count size and have images selected to evoke memories and not feel childish. These are for those that may have dementia or Alzheimer’s. The smaller piece count and larger size allow for easy pick up and placement. The pictures are specifically chosen to not make the person feel like they are working on a puzzle meant for small kids.

Big and Little Hands

There is also a Family Puzzle line that includes big and little pieces in the same puzzle!

Many companies now make puzzles that have bigger, easier to pick up pieces for those with arthritis, or other fine motor skill problems.

Like to Build

Are flat images are too boring? Wrebbit’s 3d puzzles are the way to go! There are a number of landmarks to choose from – Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, and even Hogwarts. These pieces are made of a dense snap together foam, so they will stay together long after the puzzle has been finished.

Fans of Pretty Much Anything

Love Harry Potter? New York Puzzle Company has all the original book covers as puzzles! You can puzzle your way through the entire series again. They also have images from the New Yorker, Good Housekeeping, and National Geographic maps.

Speaking of fandoms, there are plenty of puzzles for anything anyone could be a fan of. Football, baseball, Game of Thrones, Legend of Zelda, Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers, the Golden Girls, Star Wars – you name it, there’s probably a puzzle for it!

Little Puzzlers

Large piece floor puzzles from Melissa & Doug and New York Puzzle Company allow the littlest to join in.

Organized Puzzlers –

You like to work on puzzles but have “helpers”. There are puzzle mats that allow you to roll up your work in progress and roll it back out to pick up where you left off. Puzzle stacking trays help sort out all the edges and keep your pieces sorted for easy access. When you get it all together you can prepare it to display with puzzle glue or Smart Puzzle Glue sheets, which allow you to stick your puzzle together with no mess.

There are so many puzzles we can’t even show them all. Come in to any Gnome Games and let us help you find the perfect puzzle!

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