We’re having a Tea Party – A Dragon Society Tea Party, that is!

You are Cordially Invited to Attend a Dragon Society Tea Party at Gnome Games! Saturday October 6 at 1 PM

Gnome Games Green Bay West is hosting a Learn to Play and Tea Dragon Society Tea Party to celebrate the world of the Tea Dragon Society! We are teaching the Tea Dragon Society Card Game, based on the comic by Katie O’Neill, sipping tea, and coloring our very own Tea Dragons!

There will be Gnome Games staff on hand to teach the Tea Dragon Society Card Game, serve delicious hot tea and enjoy the tea party with. We will also have Tea Dragon Society coloring pages available if you’d like to relax between games and design your very own Tea Dragon to take home with you.

What are Tea Dragons?

Tea Dragons are a specially bred and domesticated kind of dragon. They bond with a specific person, and as they build memories together their horns grow tea leaves over time. Their owner can carefully harvest and brew these leaves to relive memories they have had together! Tea Dragons provide companionship but require tons of care and attention. Owners must keep the Tea Dragons properly fed, groomed, entertained and provide ample sleeping time to keep their dragons happy and healthy. 

How does the Tea Dragon Society Card Game work?

The Tea Dragon Society Card Game puts you in charge of one of four particular types of Tea Dragon (Rooibos, Ginseng, Chamomile or Jasmine) as you play through four seasons caring for them and making memories! The player who can best tend to their Tea Dragon and build the most memories will be the winner at the end of the game! The mechanics of the game are easy to learn and fun for all ages.

When is the Tea Dragon Society Tea Party?

Saturday, October 6th

1:00 pm

Gnome Games Green Bay West

This event will be family-friendly and ALL ages are invited to attend! Everyone is welcome to dress up for high tea, but are by no means required to! We hope to see you there!

The Tea Dragon Society Tea Party is free – and if you RSVP before October 4th you will have a chance to take home one of the demo games from the event!
Just sign up to let us know you are coming.  RSVP at the bottom of this page!

Want more Board Game Fun at Gnome Games? Our Green Bay West store hosts a board game night every Friday at 6:00 pm with a different featured game to learn to play!


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