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Pop Up Gen Con Schedule – Gnome Games Appleton East

Pop Up Gen Con comes to Gnome Games Appleton East on Thursday August 1st!

Gnome Games has been selected as one of the elite game stores in the world that will host Pop Up Gen Con August 1 – 4. We’ll have many of the new games available for the first time at Gen Con, some available for purchase, all available to preorder and play! This is the Pop Up Gen Con Schedule for Gnome Games Appleton.

You’ll want to get a limited edition Pop Up Gen Con Badge to get the most out of the Pop Up Gen Con events. You can get yours here:

The Badges are just $5 and include a limited edition Pop Up Gen Con Pin. They will also get you a Gnome Games Pop Up Gen Con Swag Bag, allow access to the VIG Night at Gnome Games Green bay West on Saturday August 1st and make you the coolest gamer in town!  Read on to see what other really cool stuff the badge will get you!

Here’s the Pop Up Gen Con Schedule for Gnome Games Appleton East.

Thursday August 1st – Pop Up Gen Con Game Night

6 PM – 9 PM

Join us for a full evening of new games! The list includes:

  • Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates!
  • Terror Below
  • Bargain Quest
  • “We’re Doomed”
  • Hypothetically Fun
  • Trapwords
  • Mental Blocks

We’ll have all of these out for you to play!

Friday – Pathfinder 2E Day!

Join us for Pathfinder 2E. You’ll need a Pop Up Gen Con Badge for these tables –

Noon – (6 Players)

2 PM – (6 Players)

Open tables are available if you want to try to run a table too! Just let us know

Saturday Family Day & AEG BIG GAME DAY

Bring the entire family in to play any of the great games in the Gnome Games Game Library! No badge required for this one!

We’ve also got the Gen Con Tradition of the AEG BIG GAME DAY!

We’ll have the three Big Game Night  new releases: Point Salad, Curios, and Walking in Burano. These fast-playing, easy to learn games.  We’ll also have the latest expansion for Smash Up! perfect for an afternoon of fun.

This is your chance to play the Alderac Entertainment Big Game Night Games, one of the top events at Gen Con, at Gnome Games!

Pop Up Gen Con Blue Bag Early Bird Sale – Got a Pop Up Gen Con Badge? Bring your swag bag and fill it! We’ll take 20% off all new items you can fit into the swag bag!
(Pop Up Gen Con Games, Cards Against Humanity, and some other items are not included in the Blue Bag Sale)

Sunday Pop Up Gen Con Blue Bag Sale!

Grab your blue bag, bring it to any of the Gnome Games stores and fill it. We’ll take 20% off all the new games and goodies you can fit into your bag. If you don’t have a Blue Bag we’ve got them available for purchase at all of the stores

Want even bigger deals? Check out the Pop Up Gen Con Tent Sale at Gnome Games Green Bay West!