Gnome Game Planeswalker Power Program – Earn Magic promos!

Gnome Games introduces the Gnome Games Planeswalker Power Program 2020 Season. Play Magic, earn promo cards, promo packs and other cool Magic stuff!

Magic players – Gnome Games announces the Planeswalker Power Program for all Gnome Games stores. It’s free program for any and all Magic players to play in at all Gnome Games stores! The more often you play, the more Planeswalker Power you’ll earn and the more power you’ll have to spend on Magic Promos at the Gnome Games stores. All you need is a Magic deck or three, a valid, activated DCI number and you are set to start raising your power level at the Gnome.

The Core 2019 Planeswalker Power Program season begins today – July 15th and lasts through September 30. We will adjust the program in September when the next set of Magic releases.

Gnome Games Planeswalker Power Program

Here’s how the Planeswalker Power Program works:

First all players will need a valid, activated DCI ID Number. Gnome Games staff will verify your ID when we give you your Planeswalker Power Program Tracking card. We’ll ask you to show us your active DCI login information on your phone or will ask you to log in on one of our tablets. If you don’t have a DCI ID, or need help activating yours we’ll help! DCI ID’s are always free, and once you have one, and it’s activated all you need to do to keep it active is to play in Magic events at Gnome Games and log in to your account once or twice a year so Wizards knows you haven’t wandered off to Dominaria or someplace else.

Once we have verified your DCI ID, we’ll give you a Planeswalker Power Program Tracking Card. Gnome Games staff will add your name and DCI number to it.

Then all you must do is play Magic the Gathering at any Gnome Games store! The Planeswalker Power Program is good for any type of play at the stores. To get credit for playing you must check in with the Gnome Games staff so we can add you to the daily events that get reported to Wizards of the Coast. Every time you check in (limit once per event) you’ll earn one or more Planeswalker Power Points for the event.

Finally Spend your Power Points! Players may spend their Planeswalker Power Points for promo cards, the new promo packs and other Magic the Gathering promotional material. Some items will be limited to while supplies last; so play hard, play often and get your Planeswalker Power level high!

Gnome Games Planeswalker Power Program FAQ

This is a brand new program and we may adjust it a little based on what we learn while we do it.

Can I still play Magic even if I don’t have an activated DCI ID?

Yes, but you won’t be eligible for Planeswalker Power points or many promotional prizes for playing in events.

Why can’t I get Promo cards or Promo Packs for playing without an active DCI ID?

Gnome Games receives promo packs and other prize support based on players reported to Wizards of the Coast through their reporting system. For us to get you the promos, we need to report players seated, and we get credit for activated players. That means if you aren’t activated, we don’t get as much promotional support. We will have a few events that we don’t require authentication for players to earn promo packs – but most of the packs will be awarded to activated players.

Do I have to be a part of the Gnome Games Planeswalker Power Point Program to play in any events?

No, with one exception. Every season we will have a Free Planeswalker Power Program Special event for all players that earn Mythic status by earning 10 or more Planeswalker Points. This event will not cost redemption points, and is just a Thank You for playing at the Gnome. Players are always welcome at the Gnome Games tables, and we encourage you to be a part of the Planeswalker Power Point Program, but it isn’t mandatory.

How do I get a DCI number?

  1. Go to http://accounts.wizards.com/
  2. Click on the Create Account button
  3. Enter your country/region, date of birth, and a valid email address.
  4. Create a Unique Login ID:
  • Cannot contain special symbols, underscore, or spaces.
  1. Create a Password that is:
  • A minimum of 7 characters;
  • At least 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter ;
  • At least 1 numeral and 1 symbol (!, $, *, etc.); and
  • Different from your other identifiers (cannot use DCI number, email address, etc.)
  1. Within a few minutes, you will receive an account verification email containing an activation link.
  2. Click on the activation link.
  3. Login with your Login ID and Password.
  4. Provide your new DCI number to the tournament organizer to register for the event.

*If you were given a temporary DCI number at an earlier event: Go to Accounts.Wizards.com , click “Activate DCI Number,” and follow Steps 3 to 9

How do I know if I have an activated DCI ID Number?

  1. Visit http://accounts.wizards.com/
  2. Log in
  3. Your DCI number is right on the home page!

This is how we’ll verify your DCI number

I have other questions about my DCI Number – where can I find out more?

Please visit http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dci/activationfaq#q6 . Gnome Games can’t activate a number, we can’t help with a password reset or other things with Wizards.

What kind of promos can I get with my Planeswalker Power Points?

That all depends on how many Planeswalker Power Points you earn! Players can redeem 2 or more points for various promos from the Gnome Games Prize Vault. The more points you redeem the more choices you have! If you’ve played in our Commander leagues you are probably already aware of the variety of promos. You can also redeem 6 Planeswalker Points for one of the Magic 2020 Promo Packs. We may limit quantities and all items are while supplies last. We do not plan on changing Planeswalker Promo Point values for any promo items during the Core 2020 Season, but may adjust for the fall season.

How Many Planeswalker Power Points can I earn?

A player can earn one or more Planeswalker Power Points for each Magic event they play in at any Gnome Games store. Playing means actively playing games during the event – not just showing up to get your card punched. We reserve the right to deny points for anyone caught gaming the system or store jumping to gather points and not actively playing Magic. Select events may have bonus Planeswalker Power Point values. Looking at the weekly schedule if a player played in one event a day for the season they could possibly earn about 75 Points without modifiers. Because there is more to life than Magic we are limiting the maximum Planeswalker Point value to 50 Planeswalker Points.

Can I combine my Planeswalker Points with my friend to get a more mythic promo item?

No. Just come in and play Magic.

I have other questions!

Post here as a comment or just ask!
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