Pop Up Gen Con Schedule for Gnome Game Green Bay West

Pop Up Gen Con comes to Gnome Games Green Bay West August 1- 4 !

Gnome Games has been selected as one of the elite game stores in the world that will host Pop Up Gen Con August 1 – 4. We’ll have many of the new games available for the first time at Gen Con, some available for purchase, all available to preorder and play!

You’ll want to get a limited-edition Pop-Up Gen Con Badge to get the most out of the Pop-Up Gen Con events. You can get yours here: https://www.gencon.com/pop-up

The Badges are just $5 and include a limited-edition Pop-Up Gen Con Pin. They will also get you a Gnome Games Pop Up Gen Con Swag Bag, allow access to the VIG Night at Gnome Games Green Bay West on Saturday August 1st and make you the coolest gamer in town! Read on to see what else these coveted Pop Up Gen Con Badges will get you access to

Here’s the Pop Up Gen Con Schedule for Gnome Games Green Bay West

4 Days of new games, old games, fun and games, and a tent full of games.  Throw in some Badger Stater Brewing goodness and we have the best 4 days in gaming – Gnome Games style.

Thursday August 1 – Let the Adventure Begin Pathfinder 2E Day!

Pop Up Up Gen Con Pathfinder Adventures 2E officially hits the tables!

Join us as we explore Pathfinder 2E. These tables are available to Pop Up Gen Con Badge holders on a first come first seated basis. They are learn to play sessions.

Learn to Play Pathfinder 2E

  • 11:00 – 12:30 Session 1
  • 1:00 – 2:30 Session 2
  • 3:00 – 4:30 Session 3

Pop Up Gen Con Modern Magic Night 6 – 9 PM

Grab your best Modern deck and join us for an evening of Magic the Gathering. Entry is $10. Pop Up Gen Con Badge holders entry is $5. We’ll play 3 rounds, win a match, win a Modern Horizons Booster. Any player that is undefeated will get a Magic 2020 Promo Pack!

Plus, we’ll have all the Pop Up Gen Con Games available to try, buy and /or preorder
Games include:

  • Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates!
  • Terror Below
  • Bargain Quest
  • “We’re Doomed”
  • Hypothetically Fun
  • Trapwords
  • Mental Blocks

Friday August 2 – Family Day at the Gnome!

No Pop Up Gen Con Badge required to play today! We’ll have the entire Gnome Games Library available to enjoy with friends and family all day and all night!

You can also enjoy the Pop Up Gen Con Games and a couple of super-secret early sneak previews!

1:00 – 4:00 Build a Game – Use our parts and pieces to build your own game!

We’ve got a ton of parts and pieces for you to use to create your own board game!

7:00 Pikachu and Kids night at the Races! – Luxemburg Speedway

Join us at Luxemburg Speedway for a night at the races! Kids bring your big wheels (ages 9 and Under) or 2 wheeler (ages 10 – 14) and race on the track!

Saturday August 3

Big Games and Badger Brews (Gen Con Popup Badge Holders ONLY) 7 -10 PM

I addition to the AEG Big Game Night Games the entire Pop Up Gen Con Game library will be available to play, preorder or purchase.

VIG Gamer Big Game Night co-sponsored by AEG and Badger State Brewery! Join us for an evening of new games Badger Brewery samples, snacks and fun!

Plus, you can use you Gnome Games Blue Swag Bag for a 20% off private shopping spree on almost everything in the store.

Sunday August 4th – Gnome Games Tent Sale and Blue Bag Sale

It’s a fact. We have too many games! Some get damaged, some we buy to many of, some, well just need to have a new home. Everything under the tent is at least 25% off some things are 90% off! One of a kind deals that you’ll never see again.

It’s also the Pop Up gen Con blue Bag Sale with 20% off everything you can fit in one of your Gnome Games Blue bags at all of the Gnome Games stores! Don’t have a bag? No worries – we have the 2019 Limited Edition Blue Bags available too!

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