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Planeswalker Power Program Prizes for August

Magic Core 2020 Promo Packs at Gnome Games

Magic players – here’s what you’ve been waiting for:   The August Planeswalker Power Program Prize redemption list!

Magic players that have registered with Gnome Games earn Planeswalker Power Points every single time you play at any of our stores.  All you have to do is check in, we’ll verify your DCI number, and get you a Planeswalker Power Tracking Card.  Then when you play, we validate it on the card and you power up!

Here’s what you can use those Planeswalker Power Points for:

Gnome Games August Planeswalker Points Redemption Guide
Redemption CostCardSet
2Scaleguard SentinelsGame Day & Store Championship Promos
2Oracle’s VaultLaunch Party & Release Event Promos
2Conclave NaturalistsGame Day & Store Championship Promos
2Heir of the W ildsGame Day & Store Championship Promos
2Mizzium MeddlerLaunch Party & Release Event Promos
2Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp (Draft
Launch Party & Release Event Promos
2Blight HerderLaunch Party & Release Event Promos
2Deadbridge GoliathLaunch Party & Release Event Promos
2Reverse EngineerFNM Promos
2The ChampionHero’s Path Promos
3Fanatic of XenagosFNM Promos
3Evolving W ildsTarkir Dragonfury Promos
3Desecrated Tomb (Draft Weekend)Launch Party & Release Event Promos
3Shanna, Sisay’s LegacyFNM Promos
3Firemind’s ResearchLaunch Party & Release Event Promos
3The ExplorerHero’s Path Promos
3Dinosaur // Treasure
(011) Token
FNM Promos
3Bishop of RebirthLaunch Party & Release Event Promos
3Magister of WorthLaunch Party & Release Event Promos
4Conclave TribunalFNM Promos
4Earl of SquirrelLaunch Party & Release Event Promos
4Illusion // Saproling Double-sided TokenFNM Promos
4Dimir CharmFNM Promos
4Merfolk // Treasure
(001) Token
FNM Promos
4Zhalfirin VoidLeague Promos
4Brass’s BountyLaunch Party & Release Event Promos
4Elvish RejuvenatorCore Set 2019
5Rakdos CacklerFNM Promos
5MurderFNM Promos
5Ghor-Clan RampagerFNM Promos
5Pirate // Treasure
(012) Token
FNM Promos
5Sinister SabotageFNM Promos
5City’s Blessing
// Elemental Double-sided Token
5Militia BuglerFNM Promos
5Vampire // Treasure
(010) Token
FNM Promos
5Walk the PlankOpen House Promos
5Renegade RallierFNM Promos
6Grisly SalvageFNM Promos
6Silvergill AdeptOpen House
6Evolving WildsLeague Promos
6Emmara, Soul of the AccordGame Day & Store Championship Promos
6Cast DownFNM Promos
6Thought ErasureFNM Promos
6GuttersnipeOpen House Promos
7OptFNM Promos
7Swamp – Golgari (A05)Launch Party & Release Event Promos
7Forest – Selesnya (A09)Launch Party & Release Event Promos
7Adorned PouncerGame Day & Store Championship Promos
7Steel Leaf ChampionGame Day & Store Championship Promos
7Mountain – Boros (A07)Launch Party & Release Event Promos
7Unclaimed TerritoryLeague Promos
8AbradeGame Day & Store Championship Promos
8Gremlin // Energy Reserve Double-sided TokenLeague Promos
9Reliquary TowerLeague Promos
9Island – Izzet (A03)Launch Party & Release Event Promos
9Standard Showdown PackVarious Sets
Note:Players may redeem multiple times, and still be invited to the Mythic Event, as long as your total earned Planeswalker Power Points by September 1st are 10 or more
All promos are while supplies last.  We reserve the right to add or change the promos available

All Planeswalker Power Points for August must be redeemed by September 15th.


The Mythic Event will be held at all stores during FNM on Friday September 6th.

We will host the following FREE MYTHIC events:

Standard FormatGnome Games Appleton East and Gnome Games Green Bay West – 7 PM 3 rounds, win a match, win a core 2020 booster.  Plus the top player gets a Magic 2020 Premium Promo Pack!

Commander – Multi-Player MOSH – Gnome Games Green Bay East.  Multiplayer tables. Everyone gets a Core 2020 booster to lose.  Knock out a player, get their booster.  We’ll play a second round with table winners as necessary to award a Magic 2020 Premium Promo Pack!


Every player that accumulated 10 or more points before August 1 can play for a FREE SEAT at the Mythic Championship Qualifier!  We’ll seat this one at 6:30, and play it out until we have a winner.  You may play in this even if you played in the September 6th Mythic events