Pioneer Format Magic comes to the Gnome!

Wizards of the Coast has announce the  Pioneer Format a new format for Magic the Gathering that is now available to play at Gnome Games.

Pioneer Format — is a new nonrotating format featuring cards from Return to Ravnica and forward! The format was launched with a very small banned list:  Bloodstained MireFlooded StrandPolluted DeltaWindswept Heath, and Wooded Foothills.  We have play and playtest opportunities available for you at  Gnome Games beginning November 1st.

Playtest Pioneer every Friday night at 6 PM at Gnome Games Green Bay East

We know that getting into a new format of Magic can be fraught with confusion. Then there the budget concern of chasing singles that might be banned in a month.  So we have pioneered the Pioneer Playtest event designed specifically to allow you to explore new decks, try lots of combinations of cards in a fun, budget friendly manner. The Gnome Games Pioneer Playtest event allows you to have up to 10 Playtest Cards in your deck when you play on Friday nights.

Entry for the Pioneer Playtest is $5 and we’ll play 3 rounds, win a match win a booster.  Plus we’ve got Promo Cards for every player, and Throne of Eldraine promo packs awarded based on attendance.

Remember you can always get the latest Magic events on our Magic Calendar too.

What is a Playtest card?

In order to allow everyone a chance to try Pioneer during this exciting time Gnome Games will be allowing 10 ‘Playtest’ cards to be used in decks during the first few months. We believe that this will allow players to get creative and try cards out in a wallet friendly way! A playtest card is  a basic land with the name of a different card written on it with a marker. Do not put any extra paper inside the sleeve or use any card other than a basic land.  Players are required to bring a printout of the cards complete Oracle text which can be found by searching the card HERE (must include complete Name, Mana Cost, Power/Toughness and all rules text). Gnome Games will NOT provide Oracle Text printouts for your playtest cards. It is the players responsibility to bring them to the event.

NOTE: Playtest cards aren’t trying to be reproductions of real Magic cards; they don’t have official art and they wouldn’t pass even as the real thing under the most cursory glance. Using Counterfeit or reproduction cards may result in a disqualification from an event, reporting to Wizards of the Coast and potential banning from all Gnome Games stores.

How do I get cards from the Pioneer Format sets?

Gnome Games has lots of the boosters for many of these sets still available for purchase.  You can also check out the binders for every set of Magic at the Gnome Games stores. Finally, you can also purchase them directly from the Gnome Games Singles Warehouse – with thousands of cards added daily. http://cards.gnomegames.com/ 

Pioneer Infographic

Watch the Magic Calendar for all of the Magic events and even more chances to play Pioneer!


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