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Play with the Designer – Wing It at Gnome Games Green Bay East

Gnome Games continues our play with the designer program with an unexpected visit from Molly Zeff – the designer and publisher of Wing It on Thursday October 24th at Gnome Games Green Bay East.

Molly Zeff“You have to design a fun game for all ages that the players will enjoy telling stories about. You have $33.17 in your savings account, a penguin, can sing in Swahili and once ate a block of cheddar. Tell us the story of your success”

Join the Gnomes as we welcome Molly Zeff and Wing It to the tables at Gnome Games Green Bay East

Wing It with the designer

Thursday October 24
Gnome Games Green Bay East
7 PM – 9 PM

Wing It is a hilarious storytelling and problem-solving game. You and your friends pit your imaginations against each other as you dream up ways to overcome unlikely challenges (…now an eerily well-coordinated horde of angry jelly fish begins to rock the boat until it tips precariously from side to side…) with an even unlikelier set of resources (…and all you have is an ice axe, ten coconuts, a set of snow tires, one pound of leg hair, and a complete collection of Hitchcock films).

Learn about the story of bringing Wing It to the tables, what’ it’s like to be a new game designer and publisher and have some fun playing at the Gnome!