Gnome Games Appleton Puzzle Competition!

Come one come all to the Gnome Games Appleton Ravensburger Puzzle Contest! On Friday, March 22nd, we’ll be hosting a 2 person Adult/Child Team Puzzle Race at Gnome Games! Players race other puzzlers to finish a 500 piece puzzle! The puzzle will be revealed only at the event! Entry is $20 per team! The first 3 teams to finish get huge prizes too! The event will be capped at 16 players total. So brush up on those puzzle skills, we hope to see you there!

Digimon ST-17 Double Typhoon Cup Prerelease in Appleton

Come play in the new deck prerelease! This time we are having a special pre-release for ADVANCED DECK SET -Double Typhoon- [ST17]! This is a special event that is limited to green color decks! Experience a unique and fun event like never before! The kit contains special edition cards for all tournament participants and a special foil stamped card for the winner!

Find out more info on the event Here!

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Pokémon Day at Gnome Games Appleton East!

Come celebrate the Anniversary of Pokémon! All day long we’ll be celebrating by playing games, doing arts and crafts, trading cards, and giving away awesome Pokémon Prizes! This day long extravaganza is for all ages and all things Pokémon, whether its the Trading Card Game, Video Games, Tv Show, Pokémon GO! or anything else! Today is about Pokémon so come in and celebrate with us!

Appleton East Temporal Forces Prerelease Event!

Its prerelease time once again! This time we’re hosting events for the new Pokémon set Temporal Forces!

Come play in a sealed event with the new set! Each player builds a 40 card deck and competes in a 3 Round Tourney! Each player who participates gets 2 more packs of the new set after the third round! Players must play to get the extra packs.

We’ll be hosting 2 Saturday prerelease Events on the 9th and the 16th as well as one event on Thursday the 14th!

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