Outlaws of Thunder Junction Store Championship – Appleton East – $20

The time has come once again to prove you are the Store Champ!

We’re once again hosting a Standard Store Championship for Magic: The Gathering! Players who enter our 3 round Swiss Win-A-Match-Win-A-Pack event will also have the chance to win some unique promos!

The event starts at 1:00pm sharp and entry is $20

Sign up through the Companion App by entering the code here!: EW2XYVY

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Outlaws of Thunder Junction Open House – Appleton East – $5

Come celebrate the full release of Outlaws of Thunder Junction!

Tonight we’ll be having a hoot and a holler here at Gnome Games playing with Magic’s newest wild west set!

The event begins at 3:00pm but goes all day long! Don’t worry about comin in later we’ll still be playing and we’ll have a seat open for you!

Entry is $5.00 of any Magic product (though we’ll be gushing about the newest)!

Every player who comes and plays gets a unique promo while supplies last!

Enter the event through the Companion app by entering the code here!: WRPXWYN

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Universus Girl Power Prereleases Event – Appleton East – $30

Girl Power Prerelease is here at Gnome Games!

Come play with the newest Universus set! Featuring female characters from all across My Hero Academia! Including new art and feature characters like Mirko the Rabbit Hero, Ochaco Uraraka, and Himiko Toga!

We’ll be running a Sealed event where players get 6 packs to create their deck with and then play in a 3 Round Win-A-Match-Win-A-Pack Tournament!

Fore more info on the newest set click Here!

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Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Party – Appleton – $5

Come on down to our Commander Party at Gnome Games Appleton East!

We’ll be hosting a special event on Friday April 26th starting at 3:00pm celebrating the Commander decks from Outlaws of Thunder Junction! Players who buy in will get a special promo Costly Plunder while supplies last!

Entry is just $5, so make sure you don’t miss it! All you’ll need is a Commander deck, or pick one up here in store ready to play right out the box!

Enter into the event through the Magic The Gathering Companion App by typing in this code!: WRPM8WM

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Universus Store Championship – Appleton – $10

Come compete in the Appleton Store Championship Event!

Players will compete in a 3 round Standard swiss tournament with special Prizing!

First place will win a Unique Playmat and all player in the top 4 will win Championship Points as well!

The event starts at 12:30 pm on April 28th, make sure to come by early to get registered before event start! Entry will be $10 per player.

Check out the event Here!

Disney Lorcana Store Championship Event – Appleton East – $20

Come test your mettle at the Gnome Games Appleton East Disney Lorcana Store Championship!

We will be hosting at Noon on Saturday April 20th. We have a 48 player cap so preregister Here!
Entry is $20 and will have different prizes.
As it is the Into the Inklands Championship, each match win will win you a pack of Into the Inklands!
We will be playing multiple 50 minute rounds of Swiss, best of 3 matches. Should we have more than 8 players than there will be a Top Cut. Top Cut rounds are also best of 3 matches but are untimed.

Stitch Champion Mat

Our First place player will win the Rockstar Stitch Store Champion Playmat and a Rockstar Stitch Promo card.
Second Place will win a Runner-Up Stitch Playmat and a Rockstar Stitch Promo card.
3rd & 4th place will each win a Rockstar Stitch Promo card.

The Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands Championship requires decklists: Print one off here!

Gnome Games is proud to be hosting multiple events over different weekends. Watch for information on the different tournaments on our event calendar!