Fun and Games with Rory’s Story Cubes

    Share the fun and tell some great stories with Rory’s Story Cubes!

Originally designed as a problem-solving tool for adults, Rory’s Story Cubes are a uniquely flexible game. A starter set contains nine cubes, with a different icon on each side. Players use these for telling stories and sparking creativity in a multitude of ways. Multiple expansions and themed sets make sure that there is a set to appeal to every individual, from children to adults.

The beauty of Rory’s Story Cubes is that there is no one way to play with the cubes. A single player can use the cubes, or they can be played in large groups; Rory’s Story Cubes Max are bigger cubes for bigger crowds or classrooms. They can be rolled and used to tell stories, or they can be formed into an array and used to make connections between the images. They are great for inspiring students to write stories, or they can be used to help spark language arts skills in reluctant or non-writers; adults can use them to break through a writer’s block.


Another great thing about Rory’s Story Cubes is that is that with their StoryWorlds collections, players can use their imaginations and craft a fan universe around their favorite characters. From Gallifrey to Moomin Valley and Gotham City, Rory’s Story Cubes offer something for everyone. If players prefer to create their own characters and worlds, the Mix add-on packs come in sets of three dice centered around themes like prehistory, sports, medicine, and animals.

New this year, players can use Rory’s Story Cubes to power the narratives in the game Untold: Adventures Await. It’s a co-operative storytelling game where the players are the heroes in self-contained episodes playing out over five scenes. The Story Cubes provide inspiration, but the players make the choices that inspire the plot twists and encounters in each episode.

Rory’s Story Cubes have been part of our family’s game cabinet for years. We used them to help pre-writers develop storytelling skills, and as a fun way to tell goofy stories any time we had some time to spare; too.  The the portability of the Story Cubes meant we could keep a couple of sets in the car, ready to be brought out at the drop of a hat. The Mix expansion sets made perfect stocking stuffers, and the StoryWorlds sets helped make storytelling and language arts practice that much more fun for the super-fans in the house. They haven’t been outgrown, so we still have them in the car for fun.

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to engage reluctant writers, or just looking for a storytelling game for yourself or a group, check out Rory’s Story Cubes!

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