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Yu Gi Oh! Calcium Cup – Sunday December 29 – Green Bay West

Yu Gi Oh! Players it’s time for the Calcium Cup on Sunday December 20th at Gnome Games Green Bay West.

Duelists – Are you ready for the most prestigious tournament of the year? It’s time again for the annual Gnome Games Calcium Cup!

OTS Pack 12This is an Advanced Format, Swiss-style tournament with the Current Forbidden – Limited List in effect for the event. Entry is $5 per player. We’ll play swiss rounds based on attendance, win a match win an OTS Pack, Top Cut gets 2 OTS Packs per match win!

Duel for the title of Calcium Cup Champion – and a gallon of milk!

  • 1st place will receive a gallon of milk
  • 2nd place a half-gallon
  • 3rd and 4th place a pint of milk each

Free milk and cookies will be served during the event for all duelists participating in the event.

What is the Calcium Cup?

This is a long-standing tradition for the pre- New Years Yu Gi Oh tournament at Gnome Games, started by the Duelists! It’s a fun event, with nothing less than a gallon of milk on the line and the bragging rights for the duelist that wins, because only one duelist can claim the Gnome Games Calcium Cup!

When can I duel at Gnome Games?

We duel competitively twice a week at Gnome Games – with Advanced format Tournaments every Thursday at 5 PM and Sundays at 12:30 PM. Entry for these events is $5. Thursdays event is 3 rounds, win a match win an OTS Pack, and Sunday is 4 Rounds win a match, win an OTS Pack. Everyone is guaranteed to get an OTS pack, if they play all the rounds – no matter their record (0 – x get their OTS Pack after the final round, other players get theirs when they win a match)

Where can I learn to duel or just practice for fun?

Join us for Duelist League every Thursday from 4 – 6 PM and Junior Duelist Club every Saturday from 3 – 5 at Gnome Games Green Bay West. Duelist Club will begin in January – watch for details!