The Grizzled – We’ll get through this if we work together

The Grizzled – We’ll get through this if we work together…

The Grizzled is one of the very best in cooperative games the Gnomes have available to enjoy.  It’s fun, fast, quick to learn and the cooperative aspects are handled in a way that prevents the know-it-all player from dominating the game.

Cool Mini presents a reflection upon the challenges faced by soldiers in the trenches of World War I, and does a wonderful job at presenting the ‘we’ll get through this if we all work together’ camaraderie of soldiers on the battlefield.

The Grizzled game play

The Grizzled supports 2-5 players and plays in about half an hour. The mechanics are simple and rounds are played quickly.

It is also a surprisingly difficult game to win.

One player takes on the role of the leader and determines the difficultly of a mission and assigns it a numerical value. The leader then deals that number of cards to each player. Players must then take actions, either revealing a card from their hand that represents a challenge to their group (a trial) or themselves (a hard knock); giving an inspiring speech, which removes up to one specific trial from each of the other players’ hands; using a lucky charm, which removes an already played trial; or withdrawing from the front line.

Trials come in six different types (night, snow, rain, whistles, gas masks, and shells) and hard knocks are a type of detriment to your soldier. Some cards have a combination of multiple trials, or a mix of trials and hard knocks. If a specific mission has 3 types of the same trial as revealed by players, the mission is a failure. Then the players have a more difficult time returning home to their families. If a round ends with a player carrying 4 or more hard knocks, the game ends as a failure.

Players who withdraw from the front line use a support token from their hand, if they have one. Players don’t reveal who they’re supporting until the end of the round. If one player receives more support tokens than others, they can remove 2 hard knocks or renew a depleted lucky charm.

Players are  simply trying to reach the bottom of the trials deck and empty their hands of trials cards. When the players accomplish this, it returns their soldiers safe to their families and the players win the game. We’ll all make it home if we work together.

Watch the Cool Mini Video, then head to the Gnome and grab a copy of the Grizzled today!

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