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Random RPG of the Month – Star Wars – at Gnome Games Green Bay East

Need a new roleplaying game to play?

Then come to Gnome Games Green Bay East on Thursdays and try out the Random RPG of the Month! This is an awesome opportunity to try out a new game that you may have never thought about trying before, and if it’s something that you and your friends would enjoy, you would have some experience with the system going into it!


Have an adventure in a galaxy far, far away…

For the month of March, we will be running the Star Wars roleplaying game from Fantasy Flight Games. With dashing scoundrels, powerful Force users, and heroes of the Rebellion all over the place, it’s quite easy to hop straight into the Star Wars universe! Just keep an eye out for stormtroopers and the Hutts, and you should be just fine.


Random RPG of the Month – Star Wars

Gnome Games Green Bay East

Thursday 6pm

$5 per player


Seating is limited, so make sure you sign up in advance! Tickets will be available 6 days before the next event.