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Friday Night Random RPG – Star Trek Adventures at Gnome Games Green Bay West

The Voyages Continue!


Due to interest we are extending our Star Trek Adventures into March! Join us every Friday at 6pm for wonderful adventures and discoveries in the Star Trek universe! If you’ve ever wanted to try out piloting a starship or using a tricorder, then Gnome Games Green Bay West is the place to be. And if you enjoy the game, then you might want to pick up a copy of the rulebook for you and your friends!


Explore the Galaxy and Make New Discoveries!


Continue the adventures of Starfleet! You can even influence future adventures just by playing. So take the helm, and explore the deepest reaches of the galaxy, finding new life and new civilizations. Just watch out for dangerous anomalies, and hostile aliens. Oh, and if you see a Tribble, please don’t bring it aboard.



Random Friday Night RPG of the Month – Star Trek Adventures

Gnome Games Green Bay West

Friday 6pm

$5 per player


Seating is limited, so make sure you sign up in advance! Tickets will be available 6 days before the next event.