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Murder is afoot at the Gnome! Murder Mystery during the Magic at Karlov Manor Prereleases this weekend

Gather, Planeswalkers! A Mystery Unfurls at Gnome Games!

Dust off your sleuthing skills and sharpen your spellcasting focus, for Gnome Games invites you to an event unlike any other: Murder at the Gnome Games: a Magic: the Gathering Prerelease like no other, shrouded in the chilling mystery of Murder at Karlov Manor Prereleases that only you can solve!

Prepare to step into the vibrant world of mystery at your favorite Gnome Games store, as it is transformed into a scene of intrigue and suspense. A beloved figure has fallen, and sinister whispers hang heavy in the air. Could it be the charismatic, competitive Barnaby “Mana Burn” Bolt, forever vying for supremacy? Or perhaps the gentle Lyra “Land Whisperer” Willowbrook, championing environmental awareness? Every Planeswalker amongst us becomes a suspect, and every card cast holds a clue.

Solve the Mystery – Intrigue at Gnome Games: A Murder Mystery at the Magic the Gathering Karlov Manor Prerelease

Hark, Planeswalkers! There has been a murder at Gnome Games and we need your help to solve the mystery!

For one event at each store only, Gnome Games transforms into a stage for murder and mayhem. You are no longer just patrons seeking prereleases and preordained packs. You are investigators, thrust into a tangled web of deceit and suspicion.

Unravel the clues as you play in the Magic the Gathering Murders at Karlov Manor Prerelease.

Decipher cryptic messages, untangle alibis, and navigate hidden passages. Use your strategic minds and collaborative spirit to interrogate suspects, analyze evidence, and piece together the puzzle before the final match is played. In the spirit of Magic the Gathering, you’ll earn more than more boosters when you win a match; clues are truly what you seek! 

Will you become the champion of justice, unmasking the killer and claiming victory? Or will you succumb to the shadows, forever trapped in the web of Karlov Manor’s deadly secrets?

The stakes are high, the mystery awaits, and the fate of Gnome Games hangs in the balance.

Gather your Planeswalker companions, sharpen your wits, and step into the shadows. The hunt for the murderer in afoot!

What to expect at the Murder at Karlov Manor Murder Mystery Prereleases

  • Interactive murder mystery gameplay: Play prereleases, gather clues, and uncover the truth through deduction and collaboration.
    Sweet eats and treats: enjoy some fine cheesecake delights, but beware – even the delicious temptations may contain clues!
    Engaging characters: Each guest becomes a suspect with their own secrets and motives.
    Twists and turns: Be prepared for red herrings, hidden passages, and a jaw-dropping reveal.
  • Magic the Gathering Gameplay – 3 rounds of Sealed Magic the Gathering Prerelease fun! Win a Match, Win a Murder at Karlov Manor Play Pack (and earn a clue to help solve the mystery)
  • An event filled with loads of thrills and laughter: Enjoy camaraderie, competition, and the unforgettable experience of solving a magical murder mystery.

Here are the event times and locations:

Preregister Online and reserve your seat today!

Murder Mystery at the Magic Murder at Karlov Manor Prerelease
Gnome Games Appleton
Friday Feb 2 at 6 PM (32 Player Cap)

Murder Mystery in the Shadow of Lambeau Murder at Karlov Manor Prerelease
Gnome Games Green Bay West
Friday Feb 2  – 6 pm

There’s Been A Murder at Gnome Games Green Bay East Magic Prerelease
Gnome Games Green Bay East
Saturday Feb 3 – 1 PM

Murder Mystery at The Gnoshery Magic Murders at Karlov Manor Prerelease –
The Gnoshery – Sturgeon Bay
Friday Feb 2 – 5 PM

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Disney Lorcana Release Events at Gnome Games August 18,19,20

Join the Gnomes for Disney Lorcana Premier August 18 – 20!

Gnome Games Appleton – Friday August 18 4 PM – 6 PM

Gnome Games Green Bay West – Friday August 18 6 PM – 9 PM

Gnome Games Green Bay East – Sunday August 20 3 PM – 5 PM

The Gnoshery – Sturgeon Bay – Saturday August 19 3 PM – 5 PM

Entry $30 – Includes a First Chapter Starter Deck and 2 Lorcana First Chapter Boosters Casual Play with staff teaching the game. No prizes, we are just having fun for this release celebration!

Disney Lorcana Illumineer League – Play Every Week! Entry Purchase 1 Lorcana Booster

Gnome Games Green Bay West – Saturdays 1 PM – 3 PM

Gnome Games Appleton – Saturdays 3 PM – 5 PM

Gnome Games Green Bay East – Sundays 3 PM – 5 PM

The Gnoshery / Gnome Games Sturgeon Bay – Sundays 2 PM – 4 PM

Pokémon League Challenge – May 25 – Green Bay West

Pokemon League Challenge

Pokemon League Challenge at Gnome Games Green bay EastMay Pokémon League Challenge – Green Bay West

Join the Gnomes for not one, but two Pokémon Tournaments Sunday at Gnome Game Green Bay West!

This is the second of two events, the first of which is the League Cup!

Registration opens at 12:30 PM

Tournament will start at 1:00 PM SHARP!

Decklists are required – Download one here – 


Juniors (Age 10 & Under) $5

Seniors (11 – 14) $5

Masters $10

This will be a Swiss Rounds only event with each rounds being a best of 1 game match with a 30 minute time limit.

Win a Match Win a Booster, with Promo Packs going out to all players after Round 1.

Championship Points are awarded based on attendance.  For more information visit

Watch for other events at!

Pokémon League Cup – May 25 – Green Bay West

Pokemon League Cup

May Pokémon League Cup – Green Bay West

Join the Gnomes for the First of two League tournaments today. A Double Header of a day, starting out with a League Cup!

Registration opens at 8:30 AM

Tournament will start at 9 AM SHARP!

Decklists are required – Download one here – 


Juniors (Age 10 & Under) $5

Seniors (11 – 14) $10

Masters $15

This will be a Top Cut  event with each round including Top Cut rounds being a best of 1 game match with a 30 minute time limit.  Top Cut is based on player attendance.

Win a Match Win a Booster, with Promo Packs going out to all players after Round 1.

Championship Points are awarded based on attendance.  For more information visit

Join us for our weekly leagues as seen here:!

Memorial Day Tent Sale at Gnome Games Green Bay West

Gnome Games Memorial Day Tent Sale

Gnome Games Memorial Day Tent Sale at Gnome Games Green Bay West

It’s time for the Memorial Day Tent Sale at Gnome Games Green Bay West, Monday May 27 from 10 AM – 5 PM.

We’ll have a tent full of used demo games, new games, overstock items, extra things we want to get rid of and deals too good to advertise.

The Gnome Games Tent Sale is a one day only sales extravaganza and here’s just a few of the deals:

Magic Booster Displays as low as $85!
Pokémon Booster Displays as low as $90!

Yu Gi Oh! Booster Displays as low as $50!

Used games from the Gnome Games Demo Library – games we no longer play, that are out of print, or that have a little too much damage to use at schools for the Gnome Games Community Outreach Programs

Board Games, Puzzles, Paints, Miniatures all sorts of treasures for your table!

Monday May 27th, 10 AM – 5 PM

Gnome Games Ridge Road
2160 Ridge Road
Green Bay, WI 54304

All Tent Sales are final. No Rain Checks, no layaways and prices in the Gnome Games Memorial Day Tent Sale are only good in the Tent!

Bring your friends, your neighbors, your grandma and even your wife, because these deals are so good she’s going to be happy you are chopping at the Gnome.


Sturgeon Bay Sidewalk Sale!

Mark Your Calendars! The Gnoshery’s Sidewalk Sale is Coming!

Join us on July 25th from 3 PM to 9 PM as we transform the street into a gamer’s paradise:

  • The street outside our cafe transforms into a festival of fun:

    • Sidewalk Sale Spectacular: Unearth buried treasures and snag epic deals on a mountain of board games! We’ve got something for every gamer under the sun.
    • The Gnoshery: Your Food & Refreshment Oasis: Keep your shopping spree and game-playing fueled with our delicious food and refreshing drinks!
    • A Street Fair Extravaganza: Our sidewalk sale is just the tip of the iceberg! Explore the entire street, bustling with vendors and stalls offering a smorgasbord of goodies.

    This is your chance to:

    • Score Board Game Booty: Fill your shelves (or stocking stuffers) with amazing finds at unbeatable prices!
    • Feast & Play: Indulge in delicious food and drinks from The Gnoshery while soaking up the vibrant street fair atmosphere!
    • Explore & Discover: Venture beyond our sidewalk sale and discover the unique treasures offered by fellow vendors!

Don’t miss out on this epic day of deals, games, and community fun! Spread the word, gather your crew, and join us for Sidewalk Sale at The Gnoshery!

More Details here: Sail Through The Avenues Sidewalk Sale – Destination Sturgeon Bay

Kid’d Dnd at the Gnoshery!

Calling Young Adventurers! Dungeons & Dragons Night for Kids (Ages 8-16)
Embark on an epic quest with fellow heroes at our monthly Dungeons & Dragons Night for Kids! Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a curious newcomer, this event is perfect for ages 8-16.
Here’s what awaits:
Exciting stand-alone campaign: No experience needed! Jump right in and create your character for a unique adventure each month.
Spark their imagination: Let your child unleash their creativity, problem-solve together, and forge new friendships through shared storytelling.
Friendly and fun atmosphere: Our experienced Dungeon Master guides young adventurers through an unforgettable journey.
Event Details:
Date: July 13th
Time: 3:00 PM
Age: 8-16
Cost: $15 per participant
Reservations Required: Call or stop by the cafe to secure your spot before the event date!

Learn to play: Magic the Gathering At The Gnoshery

Mana Up Newbies! Master Magic at Our Beginner Bash! ✨
Calling all curious card battlers! Ever dreamed of slinging spells & summoning mythical creatures? Join our Learn-to-Play Magic: the Gathering event – no experience needed!
Why you can’t miss it:
Magic made easy: No prior knowledge needed! Our guides make learning fun & ensure everyone feels welcome.
Community awaits: Find new friends who share your love for epic fantasy & strategic battles!
Starter kit included: Take the first step on your Planeswalker journey with your very own deck!
Ready to answer the call?
$15 fee that includes the starter kit (2 playable decks) and a game lesson!

Magic the Gathering: Modern Horizons 3 – 2 Headed Giant Prerelease

Join us here at Gnome Games West to get your first chance to play with the newest set from Magic the Gathering: Modern Horizons 3.

Magic is always more fun with a friend! This is a casual, 2 vs 2, 3 round win a match win a pack team tournament.

Event is $130 per team ($65/person) when pre-registering or $150 at the door ($75/person).

Grand Archive Mercurial Heart Draft Release Event – Gnome Games Green Bay East – $30

Grand Archive Release Green Bay East

Come join us in celebrating the newest release from Grand Archive, Mercurial Heart! 

Play at Gnome Games Green Bay East as we host a 3 Round Swiss Draft event with Cards from the newest set! Each player gets 6 packs to start and build a deck from!

Our event is Win-a-Match-Win-A-Pack, with a $30 entry. We hope to see you there!

Players are placed in pods of up to 8 players and packs are randomly distributed
from a single Main Set booster box such that each player has 6 packs each. Cards are
drafted one at a time and players can freely add one Lv 0 spirit champion to complete
their deck after drafting is finished. All cards not in either the Main Deck or Material Deck
are considered sideboard cards. There are no size or copy restrictions to the Material
Deck, unlike Constructed, and Main Decks are only have a 30-card minimum size.

For 6-pack drafts, each player starts by opening their first pack, sets the cards facing down, and
counts the cards to ensure the proper number of cards in the pack. If players open an error
pack, they must notify a judge. Any token cards, rules cards, or other non-game cards are
removed. If there are no issues, the draft can start with each player picking one card to be set
aside face-down. Players pass the rest of the pack contents to the right. Each player will then
receive cards from the player to the left and must pick one card, and pass the remaining cards
to the right, again. This process will continue until no cards are left to choose from. Players open
another pack after each player has finished picking from cards in the first pack. They will do the
same process, except cards will be passed to the left instead of the right. The next four packs
are picked from in the same way, the third pack is passed to the right, the fourth pack to the left,
the fifth to the right, and the sixth to the left.
Cards that have been picked and set aside cannot be returned to the pack after the remaining
cards in the pack have been passed to the next player. Players cannot reveal their card
selections to other players and must do their best to ensure the face of their cards, selected or
pending passing, is not revealed to the other players. Players are not permitted to reveal any
hidden information regarding their picks, cards they are passing, cards they wish to pick, or
cards they wish others to pick. Players are allowed to look at cards they have previously drafted
and set aside at any time.

For all our other Grand Archive events click Here!

To read the Mercurial Heart Design notes, check here.


Magic the Gathering: Modern Horizons 3 – Casual Prerelease

Join us here at Gnome Games West to get your first chance to play with the newest set from Magic the Gathering: Modern Horizons 3!

This is a casual sealed, 3 rounds, where everyone gets 2 packs at the end of the event.

Cost is $65 pre-registration and $75 per player at the door.