Disney Lorcana Ursula’s Return Release Weekend Draft Event – Appleton East – $35

Ursula has returned! Come celebrate (or cower in fear) at Gnome Games! 

We’re celebrating the release of the newest Disney Lorcana Ursula’s Return! All weekend we’ll be running events and having fun cracking packs and playing games with the new set!

Todays event isa Draft event. That means players will be put in group of 8 and given 4 packs each. Players will pick cards and pass their packs to other players in their pod until each player has enough cards for a 40 card Deck! Then we will play a 3 round Swiss Win-a-Match-Win-a-Pack Tournament!

The event starts at 2:00pm sharp! Entry is $35.

For more info on how the Draft format works click Here and find section 6.4!

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Disney Lorcana Ursula’s Return Sealed Release Event – Appleton East – $45

Ursula’s Return has washed up at Gnome Games! Come celebrate this release with us all weekend! Every day we’ll be running a different event using the new set as entry and prize support!

Our first event is a Sealed Tournament! In Sealed each player receives 6 booster packs to open and using the cards they get players then build a 40 card deck to compete with! Our event will be a 3 round Swiss Win-A-Match-Win-A-Pack, so every round you win you get another pack of the newest set!

If you have questions on Disney Lorcana Sealed rulings check out their Tournament rules here!

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