Ravensburger Puzzle Competition at Gnome Games Appleton!

Come one come all to the Gnome Games Appleton Ravensburger Puzzle Contest!

On Saturday, April 13th, we’ll be hosting a 2 person Adult/Child Team Puzzle Race at Gnome Games! Players race other puzzlers to finish a 500 piece puzzle! The puzzle will be revealed only at the event!

Start Spring Break off with a fun puzzler event at Gnome Games Appleton!

Teams must be made up of 1 puzzler age 16+ and 1 puzzler age 15 and under

Entry is $20 per team! The first 3 teams to finish get huge prizes too! The event will be capped at 16 teams total. So brush up on those puzzle skills, we hope to see you there!

Puzzlers get to keep the puzzle they build plus loads of Ravensburger Puzzles for the top 3 Teams!

The three winning teams can select prizes of Ravensburger products from Gnome Games for the total retail amounts listed below:
· 1st place: $200.00
· 2nd place: $100.00
· 3rd place: $50.00

Ravensburger Puzzle Competition at Gnome Games Green Bay East March 23 – $20

GBE Puzzle Competition

RavensburgerWe’re doing a Puzzle Competition with Ravensburger! March 23rd, 3-5pm. $20 per 2 person team.

Teams are an Adult/Child team: Adult in this case is one teammate is 16+ and one is a child 15 or under. You’ll be competing to complete a 500 pc puzzle first!

Rules of the Event: Gnome Games places competition puzzles on tables, with the boxes not visible to competitors. (We’ll giftwrap the puzzles ahead of time, so no one can see what puzzle they have until it’s unwrapped.)
All teams start at the exact same time. When competition begins, puzzlers can unwrap their box and begin puzzling.
The race ends when the first three teams have completed the entire puzzle!
The Three Winning Teams can then select prizes of Ravensburger Products from Gnome Games for the total retail amounts of:
1st Place: $200
2nd Place: $100

3rd Place: $50

Every team also keeps the puzzle they were racing to complete!

We will have a limited amount of teams able to compete, so preregister ahead of time to secure your team’s table!