Pokémon: Temporal Forces Prerelease

Pokemon Temporal Forces PRerelease
Join us for the latest Pokémon Set Prerelease – Temporal Forces at Gnome Games Green Bay West!
Build a 40 card deck from your Build and Battle Kit, plus basic energy, and play some games! Everyone gets 2 additional boosters after they play 3 games!
Entry is $30 and players must play to earn the extra boosters.

Appleton East Temporal Forces Prerelease Event!

Its prerelease time once again! This time we’re hosting events for the new Pokémon set Temporal Forces!

Come play in a sealed event with the new set! Each player builds a 40 card deck and competes in a 3 Round Tourney! Each player who participates gets 2 more packs of the new set after the third round! Players must play to get the extra packs.

We’ll be hosting 2 Saturday prerelease Events on the 9th and the 16th as well as one event on Thursday the 14th!

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