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Last Minute Games from Grandpa (the Head Gnome)

The Head Gnome has a couple of surefire games winners for grandparents to give this year

It’s always tough to pick fun, engaging games to share with the grandkids during the holiday season, but I’ve got a couple of surefire winners for the younger grandkids this year.

Unicorns are cool Grandpa

First- we have a pair of Unicorn themed games that my granddaughter finds irresistible – Unicorn Glitterluck and Unicorn Glitterluck – a Party for Rosalie are both one of the games that I get asked for every time we visit “Grandpa Gnome did you bring the unicorn game?”

Unicorn Glitterluck

In a land, far, far away lived four unicorns who were the best of friends. They enjoyed galloping across the soft, billowing clouds, sliding down rainbows and playing with cloud crystals. One day, they noticed a terrible thunderstorm approaching. They thought it would be best to head directly for the sun, and collect as many cloud crystals as possible along the way to keep them safe from the storm. Players start by choosing a colored unicorn and placing their piece on the big blue rain cloud. The player who reaches the sun cloud with the most cloud crystals is the winner. A sparkling die competition for 2-4 players ages 3-99.

Unicorn Glitterluck – A Party for Rosalie

More Unicorn fun!
A new unicorn, baby Rosalie, is coming to Cloudland! The unicorns Glitterluck, Stardust, Marvel Flower, and Magic Swirl want to give Rosalie a fantastic reception and throw a huge welcoming party. Help the unicorns cooperatively find all the friends, get them to the party cloud and collect all ten cloud crystals! Hurry, everything needs to be ready before baby Rosalie arrives at the surprise party. A cooperative movement and collecting game. Includes 5 cute wooden unicorns and 10 extra-large glitter stones. Quick setup and plays in about 15 min. For 2-4 players age 4-99!

  • Help the unicorns cooperatively find all the friends, get them to the party cloud and collect all ten cloud crystals! Hurry before baby Rosalie arrives at the surprise party.
  • A cooperative movement and collecting game for 2-4 players, ages 4-99. Game Time: 15 minutes.
  • In this cooperative game, children either win together when they beat Baby Rosalie to the party with all 10 cloud crystals, or lose together if Baby Rosalie reaches the party first.

One of the really neat things about this game is the conversation about what’s going to be at the party, why Rosalie will be sad when there aren’t enough cupcakes or friends at the party and all sorts of creative imaginative play well beyond what is on the board.

Grandpa – There be Dragons!

For grandkids that are a little older Dragons Breath is a big winner. This is the Kinderspiel Des Jahres (Kids Game of the Year) winner from 2018 and a really fun little gem collecting game.

Dragons’ Breath

The dragon children have found an unusual treasure: a column of ice with sparkling stones frozen inside it. Naturally everyone wants them.

Together with dragon dad the players remove one ice-ring after the other, and melt the ice column. This makes the sparkling stones fall down. But be careful: Only certain sparkling stones can be collected. Who will have the most sparkling stones at the end?

2-4 Players

Ages 5-99

15 mins

Grandparents that are race fans – Monza is a racing game you can play with the grandkids!

Fast cars are always more fun when grandpa and grandma are along for the ride and Monza allows us to play with up to 6 of the grandkids at a time! Plus this one really encourages tactical thinking as part of the game play.

Monza –

Monza helps the players to learn tactical thinking and recognize name colors, but don’t think it’s just for the wee-ones. Even those hard core dirt track racers have to think a bit to bring their car to the checkered flag first.

Monza is a car racing game which encourages tactical thinking for 2 to 6 clever players ages 5 to 99.

Six racing cars are standing on the starting grid, prepared for the big race. But only the player who gets the right colors with the dice and makes clever combinations will be able to move rapidly ahead. Who will make clever combinations and thus use as many colors as thrown with the dice in order to get his or her racing car over the finishing line first?

Monza is a= clever but simple children’s game that combines color recognition and “thinking ahead” skills.

It plays in just 5-10 minutes and takes its name from the Italian city known for its Formula One Grand Prix racing circuit.

Need more great games for under the tree for the grandkids? Stop in and let the Head Gnome, Miss Gnomer or any of the Gnome Games staff guide you to the perfect gift.