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Free RPG Day at Gnome Games


Ever want to slay the dragon and safe the village?

How about explore new worlds and meet alien races?

Or just help solve a problem through the power of friendship?

That’s what Free Role Playing Day is all about! Gnome Games – Green Bay East is hosting Free RPG Day on June 16th.


As part of the day, we’ll have our weekly Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League session. We’ll be running an event from this year’s Gary Con: The Darkness from the Mountains! It’s an adventure for AL legal characters 1-4.

However, to make this the biggest and best Free RPG Day ever, we need you too!

We’re looking for brave people to run other role playing games. Perhaps Star Wars or Star Trek are more your thing. Or maybe My Little Pony or Thank You No Evil is your game of choice. We want you all.

Click on the link below to sign up to run your favorite rpg.

2 thoughts on “Free RPG Day at Gnome Games

  1. so is running a game of mutants and masterminds possible I’ve never played the game and would want to try it even if I have to Dm

    1. Sure! What time

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