Celebrate the Gnome – Masters 25 Draft for $25 Friday at all Gnome Games stores

Celebrate the Gnome. Masters 25 Draft for $25 one night only – Friday March 16th.

Gnome Games welcomes Magic Masters 25 to the tables in a masterful way – with $25 Masters Draft FNM at all the Gnome Games stores. One night, $25 Entry, 3 rounds, win a match, win a Masters 25 Booster. These events start at 6:30 Sharp at all Gnome Games locations.

Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Magic: the Gathering at Gnome Games with a journey through the history of the world’s first trading card game. In Masters 25, you’ll find lands or spells from every Vintage-legal Magic set that introduced original cards. Whether you’ve been casting Lightning Bolts since Alpha or just started playing with Rivals of Ixalan, this set has something exciting to rediscover during the Gnome Games Masters 25 draft night. Friday March 16th at all Gnome Games stores.

Some of our favorites are:

Akroma , Angel of Wrath – the first real Angel to hit the tables.

And her Sister – Akroma, Angel of Fury

Dark Ritual – 3 Black for one and it’s all over Turn 2….
+ + =

Pernicious Deed (we had hoped for Wrath of God)

Chalice of the Void

What cards are your favorite from Masters 25?


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