Cardfight Vanguard Crystal Melody Sneak Peek at Gnome Games – Jan. 24 & Jan. 25

The Cardfight Vanguard mermaid idol singers from the Bermuda Triangle Clan are back with another set to pump up your deck. Can’t wait until the release day to try out the new cards? Gnome Games will be hosting two Crystal Melody Sneak Preview events where you can play with the cards before you can buy the packs! There will also be a promo card for every player and a few lucky players may even take home a special playmat.

What’s new in Crystal Melody?

LIR(Legend Idol Rare) returns with an exclusive new unit illustration by illustrator “ぽよよんろっく“! Long-awaited units such as “Riviere”, “Coral”, and “Pacifica” return! This set provides a great power-up for the “Highlander” and “Melody” decks! Also, brand new decks based on the remade units can be constructed as well! Reissue cards First Vanguard and Trigger Units from V-TD08 with new illustrations! “Pure Gifter, Aliche”, “Direct Sign, Pursh”, “Lover Hope, Rina”, “Joyful A la Carte, Irma”, and “Handmade Lover, Elena”

SPECIAL EVENT – Crystal Melody Sneak Preview

Gnome Games Green Bay West
Friday January 24th 6pm
$25 per player

Gnome Games Green Bay East
Saturday January 25th 2pm
$25 per player

After you get your new cards come in to one of the Bushiroad Leagues and play some more!

Bushiroad League is for Cardfight Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz. You can get one of this month’s promo cards every time you play and even earn more by coming every week! There are also random drawings each month too, so make sure you come in and play!

Bushiroad Leagues

Gnome Games Green Bay West
Bushiroad League

5-7 pm -Friday

Gnome Games Green Bay East
Cardfighter League
4-6 pm Monday
Weiss League
4-6m Thursday

Each time you check into League you may pick one of this month’s promo cards. You’ll also be recorded so that at the end of the month you can pick a promo from the promo binder based on how many times you were at League. The more times you come, the more choices you have! (The Monday and Thursday Leagues at Gnome Games Green Bay East count as separate events and can not add attendance together.) If we have a special drawing that month you’ll get one entry for each time you attend too!

January’s Promo Cards

Cardfight Vanguard – Participation Pack

We’ll also give out an Strong Bow of the Starry Night, Ulixes or Barcode Zebra randomly every league.

Weiss Schwarz – Double Participation Promo Month

FutureCard Buddyfight – Surprise Promo Pick!

We’ll have info about upcoming Shop Challenge events soon!

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