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Batman the Animated Series HeroClix Prerelease July 14 – GBW

DC HeroClix - Batman the Animated Series comes to Gnome Games

DC Comics HeroClix Batman The Animated Series Pre-Release Event comes to Gnome Games Green Bay West July 14!

Attention HeroClix Fans!Get ready to clean up the streets of Gotham City as the multi-Emmy award winning series Batman the Animated Series HeroClix makes its debut on the tables at Gnome Games! Players will have a chance to play and re-enact some of their favorite scenes or episodes from this iconic TV series.For the first time DC Comics HeroClix: Batman The Animated Series will feature never before clixed characters like Clock King, Zeta, and Baby-Doll. As well as highlight sub-themes such as Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, and the Super-Friends for all to enjoy.This is a Sealed Format event and every player will receive 2 DC HeroClix: Batman the Animated Series Boosters to play with.

Prizes will be OP support directly from Commissioner Gordon’s Vault; or the WizKids Support Program as it is more commonly known.

Seating is limited so we encourage you to preregister to reserve your seat.

Preregister here: 

Free Jokers’s Wild Sealed Event if you and enough friends preregister!

The Head Gnome isn’t joking – if we sell out online before July 13th we will host a FREE 1 Booster Sealed Tournament the first Saturday of August! (Using the Joker’s Wild Series) That’s just you and 19 friends….