April Warmachine and Hordes

We’ve got a month full of events for Warmachine and Hordes at Gnome Games Green Bay East!

April Releases

April is full of new Cryx releases!

On April 13

  • Cryx Axiara Wraithblade Character Solo (white metal – PIP 34141)
  • PIP 34151 Cryx Blighted Trollkin Marauders Unit (10) (resin and white metal – PIP 34151) release.

April 20

  • Cryx Scharde Dirge Seers Unit (3) (white metal – PIP 34146)
  • Cryx Severa Blacktide Character Solo (white metal – PIP 34148)
  • Cryx Black Ogrun Smog Belchers Unit (5) (resin and white metal – PIP 34150).

April 27

  • Cryx Misery Cage Solo (2) (resin – PIP 34147)
  • Cryx Sharde Pirates Unit (11)  (resin and white metal – PIP 34149).

Make sure to stop by any Gnome Games Green Bay East and get your preorders in at least a week before teh release so they are here waiting for you!

Warmachine Cryx Logo

April Warmachine and Hordes Events

On the events side of things, we’ve got a couple of fun special events planned for April.  Our Saturday open play will take place as normal on April 7 and 21 beginning at 10:00 A.M.  Bring your Hordes/Warmachine/Company of Iron and play at our open tables!  New players are welcome, as always, so bring a friend and share the fun.

On April 14, at 10:00 A.M., we’re going to say “so long” to winter with a “Farewell to Winter” Rampage event.  Here in Wisconsin we know not to trust the weather in spring! Let’s take advantage of the snowstorm that has settled on the battlefield and unleash some carnage! Play any number of games in this laid-back FREE event and earn some special promo cards.  New players are encouraged to attend this event as well. Full rules can be found here.

Finally, on April 28, we will run a $5 entry 3 List Escalation Steamroller.  Each player needs 25-point, 50-point, and 75-point lists; each list must contain all models from lower point lists.  Round 1 is 25 points, round 2 is 50 points, and round 3+ is 75 points. We will award prizes based on attendance!

Steamroller logo


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