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Sister Superior Amalia Novena comes to the Gnome!

Warhammer 40K fans – Sister Superior Amalia Novenais coming to the Gnome June 29!

June 29 is Warhammer Day at Gnome Games Green Bay East, where you can bring your armies and throw down all day! Sister Superior Amalia Novena will be available too!

Sister Superior Amalia Novenais coming to Gnome Games June 29That’s right 40K fans! Saturday June 29 is Warhammer Day at Gnome Games Green Bay East.  RSVP for a chance at some cool 40K Swag!

It’s open play, painting day and new player day all rolled into one! The tables are open all day from 9 am – 7 pm and we’ll have some fun give-aways too.

Don’t forget to pick up the new paints and show off your speed painting techniques in the 1 hour speed painting contest that starts at 1 pm sharp!  This is a free speed painting contest with Gnome Gold for GW Paints to the top painters in 3 divisions.  You’ll be painting Space Marines – and speed, artistry and fun are all important parts of the contest.

What better way to celebrate an entire day dedicated to the Warhammer hobby than with the release of the first model from one of the most hotly anticipated miniatures ranges in years?! As well as the awesome new miniature, the Sister Superior Amalia Novena set includes an A4 art print of the original Karl Kopinski artwork, and a Warhammer 40,000 datasheet for a Battle Sisters Squad, including the profile for a Sister Superior.

So, if you want to secure your Sister Superior Amalia Novena miniature at the earliest possible opportunity, remember to get to Gnome Games early on Saturday June 29th! (Or let us know ahead of time and we’ll have one waiting for you! Supplies are limited.