Catan Starfarers – CATAN GmbH


Catan Starfarers by CATAN GmbH

Ages 14 and up
3-4 Players

It’s the middle of the 3rd millennium. Humankind has made a jump to the stars. It’s up to you and your fellow Catanian space captains to explore the undiscovered universe! Your goal is to find planets with valuable new resources, befriend alien civilizations, and create trade routes across the galaxy. Build transport ships and spaceports, but beware of lurking space pirates and treacherous wormholes! The vastness of space awaits you in Catan Starfarers!

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Catan Starfarers by CATAN GmbH available at Gnome Games

Humankind has finally made a successful jump into the stars! It’s the middle of the 3rd millennium, and you and your fellow Catanians are in search of more resources. But instead of on your little island on Earth, it’s time to reach for distant planets! On the way, you’ll meet alien civilizations who might become valuable trading partners. But there are space pirates lurking in stars, as well as dangerous wormholes, so be wary! Players must uncover the undiscovered universe, build transport ships and spaceports, and collect valuable resources in this otherworldly version of Catan.

Game Contents

  • Game Board
  • 4 Mother Find Catan Starfarers by CATAN GmbH at Gnome GamesShips
  • 24 Cannons
  • 24 Boosters
  • 20 Freight Rings
  • 40 Game Rings
  • Player Game Pieces in 4 Colors
  • 100 Resource Cards
  • 20 Friendship Cards
  • 32 Encounter Cards
  • 38 Resource Tokens
  • 4 Friendship Tokens
  • 4 Game Overview Cards
  • 2 Dice
  • Rulebook & Almanac

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