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Carcassonne Big Box by Z-Man Games

Ages 7 and up
2-6 Players

With over 150 tiles, 7 types of meeple, and 11 expansions, the Carcassonne Big Box will provide a unique experience every time you play! You can play the base game on its own for the classic Carcassonne feel, or mix and match the 11 different expansions for an exciting game every single time. No matter which expansions you choose to play with, there are always new strategies to try and secrets to uncover. Pack your bag and explore the growing countryside of Carcassonne!

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Carcassonne Big Box by Z-Man Games available at Gnome Games

All of your Carcassonne needs are finally in one place! This enormous box contains not only the base game but eleven expansions and enough room to store them all. With over 150 tiles and 7 types of meeple, Carcassonne has a lot to explore. All 11 expansions included in the Carcassonne Big Box can be played in any combination with the base game. This guarantees a unique experience each and every time you sit down to play! Built mighty cathedrals, soar across the sky, or maybe both at once! Not even the sky’s the limit in this giant collection.

Game Contents

  • The Flying Machines Expansion
  • The Ferries Expansion
  • Inns & Cathedrals Expansion
  • The Abbot Expansion
  • The River ExpansionFind the Carcassonne Big Box by Z-Man Games at Gnome Games
  • Traders & Builders Expansion
  • The Messengers Expansion
  • The Gold Mines Expansion
  • Mage & Witch Expansion
  • The Robbers Expansion
  • The Crop Circles Expansion
  • Base Carcassonne

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