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Official Pokemon Club every Saturday at Gnome Games

Pokemon Fans – it’s official Pokemon has announced that Gnome Games is one of the 40 stores in the world that will premier as an official Pokemon Club location!

Everyone knows that Gnome Games is the place for all things Pokemon, with Pokemon Leagues, Pokemon Go, the legendary Gnome Games Pokemon Pajama League, and now we are one of the first stores in the world to bring you the Official Pokemon Club for new and younger Pokemon fans! We’ve already started the Saturday Pokemon Club Events at Gnome Games, but on November 23rd we kick off the official Pokemon Club at all the Gnome Games stores.

Pokémon Club, a new weekly event tailored for younger Pokémon fans begins November 23. All Pokémon Club meetups will take place exclusively on Saturdays, at Gnome Games stores where other Play! Pokémon events are already held. It’s an awesome way to meet other Pokémon fans in your community at family-friendly locations. This is the perfect weekly event for young Pokemon fans to learn about Pokemon, meet other kids their age and experience everything Pokemon in a safe welcoming environment.

Attendees can look forward to all kinds of Pokémon activities, including the Pokémon TCG, video games, animation, or just want to have Pokémon fun. The Gnome Games Pokémon Club organizers will have lots of resources, so everyone who attends can have a great experience. Pokémon Club events won’t feature any kind of formal competitions, so kids will be able to just show up and enjoy the world of Pokémon! Watch the Gnome Games Pokemon Calendar for details about each week’s activities and special events.

Make sure you check out the cool Grimer Slimer special event this month! Poke-science at the Gnome!

Pokémon Club attendees can earn cool rewards for coming to events every week. These will include Pokémon TCG promo cards and stickers, and more cool rewards are planned. Trainers will receive a Trainer Card to track when they participate at Pokémon Club. Trainers will also earn more rewards the more often they attend!

Here’s when you can join us at Pokemon Club at Gnome Games


You can always see all the latest Pokemon events on the Gnome Games Pokemon Calendar