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Magic Commander 2018 Preorders are now available!

Gnome Games brings you Magic Commander 2018 on Friday August 10th – preorder your copy today!

Magic Commander 2018 hits the tables at Gnome Games on Friday August 10th and we’ve got a couple of special events ready for you, but first let’s talk about preorders!

Preorder an entire set of the decks for just $125 plus tax at any of the Gnome Games stores. This will also include a free entry for you AND UP TO 3 FRIENDS into the Commander Deck Challenge on Friday August 10th at either Gnome Games Green Bay East or Gnome Games Appleton East (Entry is $5 / player without a commander deck).

The special preorder price is valid at all stores or ONLINE while supplies last, with the $125 special preorder price ending at midnight on August 1st. This deal may not be combined with coupons or other discounts.

So what’s in Commander 2018?

For starters – how about… Legendary Planeswalkers!

Of course, a couple more Legendary Creatures…

And one commander you just ‘give away’ …