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Magic 2020 New Years Day Draft – Green Bay West

Let’s get the Magic of 2020 started right with a 2020 Draft on New Years Day at Gnome Games Green Bay West!

New Years Day 2020 Draft at Gnome Games Green Bay West
We’ll let you sleep in, have a little lunch and then draft some Magic!

Magic 2020 New Years Day Draft

Gnome Games Green Bay West

Registration opens at 12:30 PM
We’ll seat at 1:00

Entry $20
Drafting Magic Core 2020
3 Rounds, win a match, win 2 Core 2020 Booster!
Bonus prizes include Core 2020 Promo Packs and other Gnome Games goodies

When can I play Magic at Gnome Games?

You can always see the complete Magic Schedule here. We play casual Commander, Standard, Pioneer, Modern and Draft every week

What about other drafts?

We host a weekly draft every Wednesday night at 6:00
Entry is $17 plus tax for these weekly events in 2020.

We’ll draft the latest set, and occasionally something special. Watch the Gnome Games Magic Calendar for the latest information.