Looking for something to play tonight? Rent a Board Game!

You can now rent a board game at Gnome Games Green Bay East!

Looking for something fun to play tonight? Rent a Board Game from Gnome Games Green Bay East!  Gnome Games now offers a Board Game Rental program at Gnome Games Green Bay East.

Want to try out one of those big box games before you buy a copy? Rent a Board Game, play it and if you like it, we’ll even give you the cost of the rental off the price of the game!

Here’s how the Gnome Games Board Game Rental Program works.

You visit Gnome Games Green Bay East, select one of the Board Game Rental titles from our shelves to take home to play. The cost of the Board Game Rental is about 10% of the price of the game or $3.00 minimum rental fee.

You take the game home, play a few games and bring it back the next day. If you really like it and want to purchase a copy, we’ll take the rental for the night off the price of the game!

We are adding titles daily, and if you have a title you really want to play let us know in the comments, and we’ll see if we already have it or can get a copy for the Gnome Games Board Game Rental Program

Here’s what games we have ready for rental today! We’ve got a lot more games in the library to add so watch for updates!
We will be adding titles daily.

Gnome Games Board Game Rental Games (Available Titles)

  • Agricola         $6.00 Rental
  • Agricola Family Edition    $4.50 Rental
  • Boss Monster         $3.00 Rental
  • Carcassonne         $3.50 Rental
  • Catan             $5.00 Rental
  • Clank in Space         $6.00 Rental
  • Costa Rica        $3.50 Rental
  • Eldritch Horror         $6.00 Rental
  • Evolution         $5.50 Rental
  • Ex Libris         $6.00 Rental
  • First Martians         $7.00 Rental
  • Flatline         $5.00 Rental
  • Grand Austria Hotel     $6.00 Rental
  • Heebie Jeebies         $3.50 Rental
  • Hive Mind         $3.00 Rental
  • Hot Shots         $3.50 Rental
  • King of Tokyo         $4.00 Rental
  • Kingdom Builder     $6.00 Rental
  • Munchkin Wonderland     $3.00 Rental
  • Nuns on the Run     $4.00 Rental
  • Pandemic         $4.00 Rental
  • Pandemic Iberia     $5.00 Rental
  • Pastiche         $5.00 Rental
  • Power Grid         $4.50 Rental
  • Smash Up         $3.50 Rental
  • Splendor         $4.00 Rental
  • Spoils of War         $4.00 Rental
  • The Expanse         $4.00 Rental
  • Ticket To Ride         $5.00 Rental
  • Ticket To Ride Europe     $5.00 Rental
  • Time Stories         $6.00 Rental
  • Tokaido         $4.00 Rental
  • Tsuro             $3.00 Rental
  • Tsuro of the Seas     $4.00 Rental

Gnome Games Board Game Rental FAQ

Can I rent the game for more than one night at a time? Yes – but we do limit it to a 3 day rental. This allows you to take the game for a weekend.

Can I rent more than one game at a time? Yes, right now we are limiting it to 3 games per customer.

What happens if I lose pieces or my dog eats the game? You are responsible for keeping the game safe and returning it in the same condition as when you rented it. If you lose, break or damage a game you will purchase it.

I forgot to return the game yesterday, so now it’s late. What happens? You are responsible for returning the games on time during normal business hours. If you are late we will charge you an additional days rental.

Will you ever put Game X into the Gnome Games Board Game Rental Program? Ask! We won’t be putting any of the highly collectible games into the program, and probably won’t have a lot of old, out of print titles available either, but ask!

Can I get a lot of games for a company party? Yes! But this type of request would be handled though our Community Outreach and Family Game Night Program. You can learn more about that here – https://gnomegames.com/family-game-night-community-outreach-events/

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