Let the Warmachine and Hordes New Year begin!

Gnome Games Green Bay East kicks off 2018 with Warmachine and Hordes every week!

January brings the dead of winter, and it’s the perfect time for miniature wargaming. That means Warmachine and Hordes at Gnome Games Green Bay East every Saturday.

We all want to see new players on the tables so we’ve got a couple of special things planned for January and a New Player Incentive! When you teach a new player Hordes or Warmachine at Gnome Games Green Bay East, both you and the new player will get 10% off all orders for one of your army factions for 30 days after the day you teach the player how to play. The Player teaching the game will get a Warmahordes Lord Card good for 10% off all purchases for your faction, and the new player will get a Warmahordes New Recruit Card good for 10% off all their purchases. You can also redeem your January Lord or Recruit card for free entry into the February “Love to Play Warmahordes Steamroller” on Saturday Feb. 24th.

Warmachine Events for January 2018 at Gnome Games Green Bay East


We play Warmachine every Saturday from 10 – close at Gnome Games Green Bay East. Tables and terrain are also available 7 days a week for pickup and practice games.

Saturday January 6th

Open Tables – New Recruit Day
Bring an army or two, and a handful of friends!
10 AM – 4 PM (Tables are open all day)
New Recruits

Saturday January 13th

Winter Rampage!
$5 Entry – Free if you bring an army that a new player plays!

75 Points, you may switch armies between games!
60 Minute Death Clock
10 AM Registration
10:30 Round 1 Start
Complete Winter Rampage Details can be found here

Saturday January 20th


Company of Iron Saturday
25 Points Company of Iron Open Play
10 AM – 6 PM
Learn more about the Company of Iron here


Saturday January 27th


January Steam Roller

$5 Entry

75 Points, 2 lists

60 Minute Death Clock
Round 1 Starts at 10:30
Official Steamroller Rules here


What’s up for Warmachine in February?

The Gnomes have a lot of love for Warmahordes in February including the We Play Nice Together – Warmahordes Team Event Feb 17 and the February 24th Love to Play Warmahordes Steamroller! Throw in a New Player Hobby Day and a Company of Iron smash and bash and you’ll have a month full of fun at the tables at the Gnome.


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