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Core 19 Bundle Brawl at Green Bay East!

Magic Bundle Brawl!

Friday, July 13th at Gnome Games Green Bay East!

  • 6:00PM Registration Opens
  • 6:30PM Seat for opening packs
  • $40/player
  • Each player gets one Core Set 2019 Bundle to build their deck
  • Each Round will be win a match win a pack – including top cut!
  • The winner will get the coveted Bundle Brawl Core Set 19 Plaque!

What is a Bundle Brawl?

This Gnome Games classic event is an excellent test of deck-building and play skill! Each player receives a Core Set 2019 Bundle – which comes with 10 booster packs, 80 basic land cards, a set guide book, a spindown life tracking dice and a card box! Using only the contents of their bundle every player builds a 40 card (minimum) deck. Then players battle it out over the course of several rounds to see who the Bundle Brawl Champion is! Every round you are playing for a prize: a win earns you a booster pack.

Are you up to the challenge?!