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April RPG of the Month Legend of the 5 Rings – at Gnome Games Green Bay East

Heroes of Rokugan – it’s time for some adventure at Gnome Games Green Bay East!

Join us for a month of Legend of the Five Rings adventure – every Thursday evening in April

Looking for something new?

Gnome Games Green Bay East has just the thing for you! On every Thursday, we will be running a random roleplaying game for the entire month! Just stop on in and try out the game. If it’s something you enjoy, bring in your gaming group to show them the hot new thing, and maybe even pick up a copy for yourself!

A land where honor is stronger than steel…

For April, enter the mystical land of Rokugan in Legend of the 5 Rings RPG from Fantasy Flight Games! These are troubling times for the Emerald Empire, and the Great Clans are vying for power among themselves. In these great struggles, honorable samurai risk their lives, and their honor, to ensure balance. Will you uphold the honor of your clan and family? Or will you throw aside your traditions and follow your emotions? The Emperor awaits…

Random RPG of the Month for April –  Legend of the 5 Rings

Gnome Games Green Bay East

Thursday 6 pm

$5 per player

Seating is limited, so make sure you sign up in advance! Tickets will be available 6 days before the next event.