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Star Wars Destiny – Special Legacies Release Party & Prep for Regionals Event Thursday Feb 1st

Star Wars Destiny Fans – we have a special event for you this Thursday with the Star Wars Destiny Legacies Release Party, just in time to help you get ready for Regionals!



The Star Wars Destiny Release Part will be $10, and every player will get 3 Legacies Boosters for entering.

Thursday Feb 1

Star Wars Destiny Legacies Release Party
Gnome Games Green Bay West
Entry $10 + tax
Registration Opens at 5:00
Event Open Play (Missions) start at 6:30

Receive Exclusive Star Wars Destiny Legacies Release Promos!

For participating in the Release Party, you get a full-bleed, extended art version of Heightened Awareness, printed in Aurebesh!

At the beginning of the Release Party, you will also receive a special Mission Card, which identifies two extended art, Aurebesh cards that you can earn by completing various combinations of four tasks.

Bring two decks to the event— one for you and one to lend to a newer opponent—or claim the battlefield three times in a single game, and you win a full-bleed version of the Veteran Stormtrooper from the Boba Fett Starter Set.

Play two games as Hero or two games as Villain, and you win a full-bleed version of the rare Jedi Temple Guardian.

Plus, ONLY at Gnome Games – complete both missions and you will receive the Gnome Games EXCLUSIVE Bounty of the Hunter!
This bounty will never be reprinted and is only available at Gnome Games. No, it’s not a card. But it will identify you as one of the elite Star Wars Destiny Players in the region!