Gnome Games Planeswalker Promo Program – Throne of Eldraine Season

The Gnome Games Planeswalker Promo Program Throne of Eldraine Season starts October 4th – with some changes!

We are looking forward to the Gnome Games Planeswalker Program Throne of Eldraine Season and wanted to let you that we have learned a lot from the Core 2020 Season, what worked, what didn’t work, and are making changes based on your feedback.

We listened and learned that you all want to know exactly how you can earn promos and the Throne of Eldraine Promo Packs and Special Promo Packs.  You also told us that don’t like carrying around a little check in card and just want to play more Magic! So we are making changes so you have more opportunities than ever to earn a wider variety of promos, as well as promo packs.  We are also removing the Planeswalker Promo Point Cards from the program and have standardized what events and how we are awarding the Throne of Eldraine Promo Packs during the season.

We also want to thank you for supporting us by registering your DCI Numbers and checking in at casual events every week. That has been monumental in helping us get more promo packs to give to you!

Here’s how you earn promos and Promo Packs

  • Play Magic at Gnome Games – Here’s our Magic Calendar so you know when and where to play
  • Get a Promo every time you check in with a valid DCI number and PLAY in these events
  • Earn Promo Packs for winning or randomly based on attendance at the event!

No More Planeswalker Point Cards

We want to make it easier for you as a player, as well as the Gnomes to keep track of things. We are removing the Planeswalker Point Card from the program. While it was helpful for us to make sure that players registered their DCI number and counted towards more valuable promos, we believe we can handle this without the need to have you carry around a little piece of paper. This part of the program did not work well, and we are simply removing the Planeswalker Point Cards completely.

Promo Packs are on Top Of all regular event prizes.

Promo Packs are earned by a store based on players attendance in events. Gnome Games believes we should pass these rewards on to players in a way that isn’t tied strictly to winning the events. For the Throne of Eldraine Planeswalker Program Season we are rewarding them in addition to any other prizes. Some will go out to the top players, but many will also go out randomly to players that come and just play.

How do I win Promo Packs?

Wizards generously rewards us with Throne of Eldraine Promo Packs based on how many players play in our stores. We get points for all Magic events. Standard, Draft and Sealed events count a little more. So, we are rewarding the players that are actively playing in events with the opportunity to win promo packs randomly or by playing well in all Magic events.

No more just showing up and checking in to gain points toward a pack. We’ll use the Wizard Event Reporter to randomly select players that are active in an event, so there’s no confusion about how ‘lucky’ players are selected. Players may also earn promo packs based on how well they play in certain events – as indicated below. Certain types of events have better promo pack payouts because they contribute more to our allocations from Wizards of the Coast.

Players that have an active DCI number are all that count – so we may ask you to log in on the Wizards site https://accounts.wizards.com/ and show us you have an activated DCI Number before we award one of the Promo Packs. Please don’t be offended if we do, it’s just a way that we can have your play count toward more prizes for the next season.

When can I play Magic, Get Promos, win Promo Packs at Gnome Games?

One of the frustrations we heard from you was that not everyone was sure when we were playing Magic at the Gnome Games stores.   So we have created the Magic Calendar for just Magic events at Gnome Games.  You can always see it here: https://gnomegames.com/events/category/collectible-card-games/magic/month/. We’ll try to include a link to the Magic Calendar every Magic post we’ll try to include a link for you as well.

This gives you one place to check for all of the Magic events at all of the Gnome Games stores.

What about those cool Promo Cards? Can we still get those?

Yes! Promo Cards are awarded in addition to all event prizing for scheduled and reported Magic the Gathering events. We’ve made it even easier for you to get those older promo cards and special participation prizes when you play in any of our Magic events during the Throne of Eldraine Season. We believe that we can improve your experience at every event by rewarding play when you get to select a random promo when you register and play a Magic event at Gnome Games. You will get to pull your promo when you register with your DCI number at the event – so everyone gets the chance to be rewarded for playing Magic at the Gnome.

What’s the Throne of Eldraine Promo Pack Payout?

Each scheduled and reported Magic event will have the potential for Throne of Eldraine Promo Packs. As we earn promo packs based on attendance and the type of event, those factors are considered for the Throne of Eldraine Promo Pack Player Rewards at each event.

Commander League, Casual Play Nights, most Free Events

  • All players receive 1 promo card from the dealer shoe – mix of random valued promo cards from the Gnome Games Prize Vault
  • All promo packs are given to randomly selected players
  • 8+ players 1 promo pack awarded
  • 16+ players 2 promo packs awarded
  • 24+ 1 promo pack, 1 premium pack

Standard Win a Pack, Modern Win a Pack, Pauper Win a Pack, Draft events

  • All players receive 1 promo card from the dealer shoe – mix of random valued promo cards from the Gnome Games Prize Vault
  • Both random players and winners may be awarded promo packs
  • 8 – 15 players – 1 promo pack to top player – 1 promo pack randomly
  • 16 – 24 players – 1 premium promo pack to winner, 1 promo pack to 2nd, 1 promo pack to a random player
  • 25 – 32 players – 1 premium promo pack to winner, 1 promo pack to 2nd, 2 promo packs awarded randomly

These are always in addition to normal prizing for the event (win a match packs, draft pod prizes etc.)

Premier Events (WPN Qualifiers, MCQ Events, etc.)

These events will not be included in the Gnome Games Planeswalker Program during the Throne of Eldraine season. Only prizes specifically included in the event will be awarded. For example for the Standard Format WPN Qualifier on November 16th at Gnome Games Appleton East the Top 32 players will receive a Promo Arcbound Ravager with other prizes being awarded based on finish. No Promo Packs are expected to be awarded at this event.

What about an end of season special event?

One of the fun things we learned was that you wanted to have a special end of season event at the store you play in the most. We also learned that you  wanted the opportunity to play in other special events at other Gnome Games stores too. We’ll put together a full weekend of special Throne of Eldraine Planeswalker Program Special events with opportunities to play Standard, Draft, Modern and Commander January 3-5 2020, just before we begin the Theros: Beyond Death Planeswalker Program season.

We’ll make the Throne of Eldraine Season Finale events available to any and all players that played in any Throne of Eldraine Season events and their guests, so we all have lots of players to play against and have fun with! Details for this special weekend will be announced in mid-November.

How can I give you guys feedback for the Theros: Beyond Death Season or the Planeswalker Program?

We always appreciate thoughtful feedback and suggestions. You can post them as a comment to this post, email HQ (at) Gnomegames.com or send us a PM on any of the Gnome Games Facebook Pages. Of course you can also let us know face to face at any of the events! We want your feedback so we can continue to improve the program and the events we provide to the community.



  1. Is this just for Standard events? No!  This program is for every scheduled and reported Magic event .  Promo Packs will go out as indicated and Promo Cards are awarded as you check in. 
  2. Can I pick which Promo Card I Get? No, all promo cards awarded this season will be random.  You may have some special events that have specific promo cards as part of the play experience, but all promos that are given out as part of this program are randomly dealt from a dealers shoe.  Not event the Gnome Staff will kow what’s next!

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