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Murder is afoot at the Gnome! Murder Mystery during the Magic at Karlov Manor Prereleases this weekend

Gather, Planeswalkers! A Mystery Unfurls at Gnome Games!

Dust off your sleuthing skills and sharpen your spellcasting focus, for Gnome Games invites you to an event unlike any other: Murder at the Gnome Games: a Magic: the Gathering Prerelease like no other, shrouded in the chilling mystery of Murder at Karlov Manor Prereleases that only you can solve!

Prepare to step into the vibrant world of mystery at your favorite Gnome Games store, as it is transformed into a scene of intrigue and suspense. A beloved figure has fallen, and sinister whispers hang heavy in the air. Could it be the charismatic, competitive Barnaby “Mana Burn” Bolt, forever vying for supremacy? Or perhaps the gentle Lyra “Land Whisperer” Willowbrook, championing environmental awareness? Every Planeswalker amongst us becomes a suspect, and every card cast holds a clue.

Solve the Mystery – Intrigue at Gnome Games: A Murder Mystery at the Magic the Gathering Karlov Manor Prerelease

Hark, Planeswalkers! There has been a murder at Gnome Games and we need your help to solve the mystery!

For one event at each store only, Gnome Games transforms into a stage for murder and mayhem. You are no longer just patrons seeking prereleases and preordained packs. You are investigators, thrust into a tangled web of deceit and suspicion.

Unravel the clues as you play in the Magic the Gathering Murders at Karlov Manor Prerelease.

Decipher cryptic messages, untangle alibis, and navigate hidden passages. Use your strategic minds and collaborative spirit to interrogate suspects, analyze evidence, and piece together the puzzle before the final match is played. In the spirit of Magic the Gathering, you’ll earn more than more boosters when you win a match; clues are truly what you seek! 

Will you become the champion of justice, unmasking the killer and claiming victory? Or will you succumb to the shadows, forever trapped in the web of Karlov Manor’s deadly secrets?

The stakes are high, the mystery awaits, and the fate of Gnome Games hangs in the balance.

Gather your Planeswalker companions, sharpen your wits, and step into the shadows. The hunt for the murderer in afoot!

What to expect at the Murder at Karlov Manor Murder Mystery Prereleases

  • Interactive murder mystery gameplay: Play prereleases, gather clues, and uncover the truth through deduction and collaboration.
    Sweet eats and treats: enjoy some fine cheesecake delights, but beware – even the delicious temptations may contain clues!
    Engaging characters: Each guest becomes a suspect with their own secrets and motives.
    Twists and turns: Be prepared for red herrings, hidden passages, and a jaw-dropping reveal.
  • Magic the Gathering Gameplay – 3 rounds of Sealed Magic the Gathering Prerelease fun! Win a Match, Win a Murder at Karlov Manor Play Pack (and earn a clue to help solve the mystery)
  • An event filled with loads of thrills and laughter: Enjoy camaraderie, competition, and the unforgettable experience of solving a magical murder mystery.

Here are the event times and locations:

Preregister Online and reserve your seat today!

Murder Mystery at the Magic Murder at Karlov Manor Prerelease
Gnome Games Appleton
Friday Feb 2 at 6 PM (32 Player Cap)

Murder Mystery in the Shadow of Lambeau Murder at Karlov Manor Prerelease
Gnome Games Green Bay West
Friday Feb 2  – 6 pm

There’s Been A Murder at Gnome Games Green Bay East Magic Prerelease
Gnome Games Green Bay East
Saturday Feb 3 – 1 PM

Murder Mystery at The Gnoshery Magic Murders at Karlov Manor Prerelease –
The Gnoshery – Sturgeon Bay
Friday Feb 2 – 5 PM

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Disney Lorcana Release Events at Gnome Games August 18,19,20

Join the Gnomes for Disney Lorcana Premier August 18 – 20!

Gnome Games Appleton – Friday August 18 4 PM – 6 PM

Gnome Games Green Bay West – Friday August 18 6 PM – 9 PM

Gnome Games Green Bay East – Sunday August 20 3 PM – 5 PM

The Gnoshery – Sturgeon Bay – Saturday August 19 3 PM – 5 PM

Entry $30 – Includes a First Chapter Starter Deck and 2 Lorcana First Chapter Boosters Casual Play with staff teaching the game. No prizes, we are just having fun for this release celebration!

Disney Lorcana Illumineer League – Play Every Week! Entry Purchase 1 Lorcana Booster

Gnome Games Green Bay West – Saturdays 1 PM – 3 PM

Gnome Games Appleton – Saturdays 3 PM – 5 PM

Gnome Games Green Bay East – Sundays 3 PM – 5 PM

The Gnoshery / Gnome Games Sturgeon Bay – Sundays 2 PM – 4 PM

Gnoshery’s Book Club

📚✨ Calling all bookworms and fairy enthusiasts! Join us on August 16th at 6pm for our monthly book club meeting, where we’ll be diving into the enchanting world of “Emily Wilde’s Encyclopedia of Fairies”! ✨🧚‍♀️

Get ready to discuss and unravel the secrets of fairies, from whimsical folklore to their magical abilities and mysterious habitats. This captivating book is filled with tales that will spark your imagination and leave you dreaming of fairy realms.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of fairy lore or curious to learn more, our book club provides a welcoming space to share thoughts, exchange ideas, and make new literary friends. Grab your favorite Gnoshery snack and get ready for an evening of spirited discussion and delightful discoveries.

Don’t miss out on this magical journey through “Emily Wilde’s Encyclopedia of Fairies”! Grab your copy, mark your calendars, and join us for an unforgettable book club meeting. See you there! 📚🌟

Learn To Play: Pokemon The Gnoshery

🌟🔥 Calling all Pokémon trainers-in-training! Join us on August 10th from 9am to 11am for a thrilling Learn To Play: Pokémon event! 🌟🔥

Whether you’re a newcomer or looking to sharpen your skills, our dedicated Pokémon Professor will be here to guide you through the basics of the game. Don’t have a deck? No problem! We’ve got a fantastic selection available for purchase right here in-store, so you can jump into the action straight away!

But wait, there’s more excitement in store! Stick around for a special giveaway extravaganza! Every new player automatically receives a ticket into the giveaway. Bring a friend new to Pokémon and both of you get extra tickets! Complete an activity sheet during the event? That’s another ticket in your pocket for the giveaway drawing!

Get ready to catch ’em all and make new friends in a fun and welcoming environment. This event is perfect for Pokémon enthusiasts of all ages, so mark your calendars and join us for a morning of games, giveaways, and good times! See you there, trainers! 🌟🎉

*Must be a league player to be eligible for the giveaway! Not a league player, no worries! We will show you how to set up your Pokemon League account in store!*

Learn To Play: Magic the Gathering at the Gnoshery

🌟✨ Dive into the magical world of Bloomburrow with our Learn To Play: Magic The Gathering event on August 6th! 🧙‍♂️✨ For just $15, join us for an exciting session where you’ll receive a special Bloomburrow edition starter kit with two playable decks. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the basics of the game, from casting spells to summoning creatures! Whether you’re a beginner or looking to expand your gaming horizons, this is the perfect opportunity to learn and have fun! Don’t miss out—reserve your spot today! 🔮🎲

Draft Bloomburrow Magic Saturday at the Gnome Games Green Bay East – $25

Magic the Gathering Standard TournamentSaturdays at Gnome Games Green Bay East are now Draft days! Each Saturday we’ll draft the newest set!

Each round is Win-A-Match, Win-A-Pack!  Sideboards are legal. Best 2 of 3 matches in 45 minute rounds.

Throughout the Bloomburrow season we have promos to give to participants!

Different weeks will have different promos go out, based on promo availability and attendence.

For More information on Standard Magic play check here: MTG Booster Draft | Magic: The Gathering (

Watch for other Magic events with the Gnomes on our Event Calendar!

Ursula Store Championship At The Gnoshery

The Gnoshery invites you to join your fellow Illumineers for the Disney Lorcana Ursula’s Return Set Championship!
We will be playing at 11am on Sunday, July 21st. As we have a limited number of seats, please preregister on at to secure yourself a seat!
We will have a limit of 16 Players
The event is $20 and will have different prizes:
Decklists are required, if you need time to fill out your decklist ahead of time or to register on the day of the event please arrive early!
As it is the Ursula’s Return Set Championship, each match win will win you a pack of Ursula’s Return!
We will be playing multiple 55 minute rounds of Swiss, best of 3 matches. Should we have more than 8 players than there will be a Top Cut. Top Cut rounds are also best of 3 matches: Top 8/Top 4 rounds are 70 minute time limits, and the finals are Untimed.
Our First place player will win the Sea Witch Store Champion Playmat and a Sea Witch Promo card.
Second Place will win a Runner-Up Sea Witch Playmat and a Sea Witch Promo card.
3rd & 4th place will each win a Sea Witch Promo card.

Bloomburrow Prerelease At The Gnoshery

🍄 Get ready for an enchanting adventure in Bloomburrow at our spectacular Prerelease event!

July 26th at 5pm

Step into the magical realm of Bloomburrow with your very own Prerelease Kit, yours for just $40! Inside, you’ll discover everything you need to craft a 40-card minimum deck using packs from the kit and basic land provided by us. Let your creativity flow during our 50-minute deck-building frenzy!

Once your deck is ready, it’s time to put your skills to the test in three rounds of intense Win-A-Match, Win-A-Pack battles! Each round is a best-of-three showdown where strategy and wit will lead you to victory. And speaking of victories, each round win earns you a coveted Play Booster pack from Bloomburrow!

But that’s not all! Bring a new friend along to the Prerelease and you both will receive a special promo card as a token of our gratitude for growing our magical community. Plus, to fuel your adventures, we’ll be serving a delicious Bloomburrow-themed meal featuring hearty mushroom stew!

Whether you’re a seasoned Planeswalker or new to the game, our Bloomburrow Prerelease promises an unforgettable day of fun, competition, and camaraderie. Mark your calendars, gather your friends, and get ready to embark on an epic journey through Bloomburrow!

Digimon Evolution Cup – Appleton East – $15

Gnome Games Appleton East Digimon Cup

Test your skill in the Appleton East Evolution Cup!

Evolution Cup August 2024 − EVENT|Digimon Card Game

Capacity: 14

The Digimon Evolution Cup is a competitive Tournament event where players compete to win special prizes! Each player upon entry will receive one Participation promo (while supplies last), the Top 4 players will receive another unique promo card, and finally the winner will receive the Winner promo Card!

Entry to the event is $15.00 It is a Constructed Swiss Win-a-Match-Win-a-Pack Event.  Number of rounds is based on attendance.

For more Digimon Events click Here!

Universus Attack On Titan Prereleases Event – Appleton East – $30

Gnome Games Appleton East Attack on Titan Pre Release

Attack on Titan Prerelease is here at Gnome Games!ICv2: Sponsored: 'Attack on Titan' Coming to 'UniVersus CCG'

Capacity is 16

It’s a Battle for Humanity with the newest Universus set! Featuring favorite characters from Attack on Titan! Including feature characters like Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman, Eren Yeager, and Armin Arlert!

$30 per player. Attack on Titan fans get the latest Universus cards and play in a fun 6 pack sealed, 3 round event. This is a 3 round win a match, win a pack event. Come collect and and battle with all you favorite characters from Attack on Titan with the newest Universus set!

To preregister go Here!

For more Universus events including weekly tournaments click Here!

Shimmering Skies Release Weekend Draft at Gnome Games Appleton East – $30

Gnome Games Appleton East Disney Lorcana Shimmering Skies Draft

Shimmering Skies is releasing August 9th at Gnome Games and we’re celebrating with a full weekend of Disney Lorcana fun! On Saturday it is draft!

The draft will start at 2pm promptly!.

Every Card From Disney Lorcana Shimmering Skies Revealed (So Far) - Star City Games

We’re playing 3 rounds of draft, and every round that you win your match, you win a pack! Matches are best 2 of 3 games within the 50 minute time limit

All the packs drafted will be the brand new set, Shimmering Skies! Drafting Disney Lorcana uses 4 booster packs for each player and requires at least 6 players. For the first pack, each player opens the pack, selects one card to add to their card pool, then passes the remaining cards to their left. Then they collect the pack from their right, select a card, and pass the remaining cards to their left. Card selection continues in this manner until all cards from the pack have been drafted. The direction of passing reverses for each pack: the second pack is passed to the right, the third pack is passed to the left, and so on. Once all packs have been drafted, each player’s picks become their completed card pool for deck construction.

There are no restrictions on ink types or the number of a specific card that can be in the 40 card minimum deck.

Drafting not your thing? On Sunday, August 11th we’re doing a sealed deck challenge; and on Friday August 9th we’re doing a 6 pack sealed event!

For information on drafting Disney Lorcana check the tournament guide here:

Check out our Weekly Tournament and League on our event calendar!

Shimmering Skies Deck Challenge at Gnome Games Appleton East – $35

Gnome Games Appleton East Sealed Deck Event

Every Card From Disney Lorcana Shimmering Skies Revealed (So Far) - Star  City GamesShimmering Skies is releasing August 11th at Gnome Games and we’re celebrating with a full weekend of Disney Lorcana fun! On Friday it is the Sealed Deck Challenge!

The Sealed Deck Challenge: For $35 +tax, we’re playing 3 rounds of a Deck Challenge of Disney Lorcana, and every round that you win your match, you win a pack! Matches will be best 2 of 3 for this challenge!

Deck construction will come from building a 60 card minimum deck out of a random Shimmering Skies starter deck and 2 additional Shimmering Skies boosters. Players will have 30 minutes to open packs and modify their deck. We’ll start the first round early if everyone finishes early.

For this Deck Challenge players will be restricted as normal to two inktypes for deck construction.

For information on drafting Disney Lorcana check the tournament guide here:

Check out our Weekly Tournament and League on our event calendar!