Free RPG Day – Gnome Games Green Bay West – Free

It is Free RPG Day at Gnome Games West!

What is Free RPG Day? This year, on June 22, your friendly local game store (FLGS) partner with to bring you games from all kinds of different publishers! We invite you to come in and pick up one or two items for free!

We’ll have door prizes for those who purchase anything roleplay related on the day of a variety of extra special prizes as a thanks for those who get something extra during their visit!

Our Staff will also be running an RPG event or two throughout they for you to join!

We’re also welcoming any and all role-players to come in and play games throughout the day!

There will be a large variety of games from many different publishers; some possible things here:

  • 1985 Games presents Mayhem in Okiri Village
  • 9th Level Games presents their 5th volume of the Indie Anthology and a Return to Dark Tower Fun Shot
  • BCW is providing a Dice Tray and Dice Bags as potential swag
  • CMON is presenting the Assassin’s Creed RPG, Zombicide: Road to Haven, Plague Bearer RPG, and Blood Rage RPG.
  • Crimson Herald Games presents Sink Treasures of Deep Grotto
  • Dispel Dice is providing a 3-piece dice set.
  • Foam Brain Games is providing a Lost Tome of Monsters exclusive Pinature and metal D20 alongside a unique encounter.
  • Free League is presenting Dragonbane: The Sinking Tower
  • Goodman Games is presenting Dungeon Crawl Classics: Across the Veil of Time
  • Hit Point Press presents Humblewood: Shock in Stormcrag
  • Kobold Press presents Shards of the Spellforge
  • Loke Battle Mats presents Not a Drop to Drink
  • Loot Tavern presents Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting
  • Lucky Duck presents 4 unique levels for the game Paper App Dungeon
  • Magpie Games presents Rebels & Refugees as well as some Avatar Legends Dice.
  • Marvel presents a preview for the Marvel Multiverse RPG
  • Need Games presents Rojo: A Kurosawa Inspired Bloodshed
  • Nord Games presents RPG Accessory Decks
  • Paizo presents the Great Toy Heist for Pathfinder and Second Contact for Starfinder
  • R. Talsorian Games presents Shadow Scar
  • Red Raven Games presents Arzium RPG
  • Renegade Game Studios presents Red Tundra and Unnatural Disaster
  • Roll & Play Press presents One Shot Wonders
  • Roll20 presents a potential free subscription!
  • Rowan, Rook & Decard presents The Hollows quickstart
  • Sirius Dice presents a Legend of Drizzt Dice Set
  • Steamforged Games presents Runescape Kingdoms: Quick start guide
  • Story Engine Deck presents the Story Engine Deck
  • Studio Agate presents Shadows of Esteren and Fateforge
  • Wet Ink Games presents Garbage & Glory: Trashrun
  • Wizkids presents D&D Icons of the Realms: Topaz Dragon Wyrmling, Strahd, & Amethyst Dragon Wyrmling miniatures.