Universus Local Championship – Gnome Games Green Bay East – $10

Universus Local Championship

The UniVersus Local Championship is on July 20th at Gnome Games Green Bay East!
This event will start at 10:30am, is $10 and requires a decklist and matching Standard Constructed deck.

Preregister on UniVersus UGN site with your account:  UniVersus Gaming Network (uvsgames.com)

Winning a Local Championship will award 10 Champion Points, second place will be awarded 5 Champion Points, with third and fourth place both earning 3 Champion Points. While these events can still take place regardless of attendance size, Champion Points will only be awarded if the event reaches 8 or more players.

Each match won will also win you a pack! The winner of the event will also receive the Local Championships playmat!

For more information on this route to Worlds and the local qualifier: https://uvsgames.com/all-news/uvs-games-organized-play-2024-overview

Join us each week on Thursdays for Universus!

Tournament rules are available here: https://uvsgames.com/universus/organized-play/rules-and-documents