The Badger Bowl: Bloodbowl Store Championship – Gnome Games Appleton

The Badger Bowl For the Empire Series continues in Appleton. This is your fifth and final chance at a Store Championship Trophy and a bye in the Grand Championship location yet to be announced.

Rounds: 3 rounds for 14 or less participants
Rounds: 4 rounds for 15 or more

Team building rules for this sevens event: All games work shop teams and extended Naf teams are allowed. 4 positional players only per team. Must have 7 players on your team not to exceed 11 players on the rooster. 600,000 gold per team salary cap. Extra skills due to tier level. Tier one gets one free primary skill. Tier two gets two free primary skills. Tier 3 gets 3 free primary skills. Rerolls cost double. Bring at least 2 copies of your tournament list with you.

Weather effects active.

Kick off events active.

60 minute rounds with 10 minute extension if needed.

Entry is $10.00

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