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Gnome Games Green Bay East

Gnome Games Green Bay East (920) 965-1380
1683 E. Mason Street Green Bay
Mon – Fri 10 – 9
Sat – 9 – 7
Sun – Noon – 6

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Warcry Catacombs available at Gnome Games Warcry Catacombs releases October 31! - Games Workshop releases Warcry Catacombs October 31! Preorder your Warcry Catacombs before October 28 and save 10% at Gnome Games.  Just stop in any Gnome Games store, send us an […]
Warhammer 40K New releases Warhammer 40K New Necrons and Space Marines arrive October 10 - Warhammer 40K Necron  and Space Marine new arrivals expected October 10.  Preorder by October 6 and save 10% at Gnome Games. Games Workshop is dispatching new miniatures, Codex and Data […]
Magic Zendiakr Rising Play at Home Prerelease Magic Zendikar Rising Play at Home Prerelease – Now with Packer Bonus Boosters! - Gnome Games has a long tradition of hosting Magic the Gathering Prerelease events with special prizes when the Packers score and today is no exception! It’s time for the Magic […]
Big Wheel Races at The Burg in Luxemburg Saturday August 9 Back to School Kids Night, Big Wheel and Bike Races at “The Burg” Speedway in Luxemburg Speedway Sunday August 9 - Gnome Games sponsors Big Wheel Races and Bike Races at Kids Night – Back to School Night at “The Burg” Speedway in Luxemburg Sunday August 9, August 3. It’s almost […]
Pokemon Darkness Ablaze Prerelease Week August 1 – 9 - Pokemon Darkness Ablaze Prerelease – Play in store and Play at Home starts August 1! Gnome Games brings Pokemon to your tables and we bring the Pokemon Darkness Ablaze Prerelease […]
Calling all adventurers - Free RG Day Quests at Gnome Games Free RPG Day – Let the Quest for Fun and Adventure Begin July 25 - Gnome Games invites all brave adventurers to join us for Free RPG Day on July 25! Free RPG Day is Saturday July 25th and Gnome Games invites you to join […]
From the Head Gnome – we’ll continue to bring fun and games to your tables despite COVID-19 - Gnome Games will continue to bring fun and games to your tables despite COVID-19. From the Head Gnome – Pat Fuge Last Updated – Thursday July 9, 2020 All of […]
Yu-Gi-Oh Special OTS 13 Pack Promotion! - Yu-Gi-Oh OTS Pack 13 – Purchase Promotion Attention Yu-Gi-Oh players: We know how much you love the OTS packs you get from playing in our tournaments, but with recent events […]
FNM To-Go! A little Magic for Fridays from Gnome Games - Starting June 5th, Gnome Games is bringing a little Magic back to Fridays! Due to Covid-19 we are all experiencing similar feelings of loss of community as gathering for events, […]
New Adeptus Mechanicus available at Gnome Games What’s new – Warhammer 40K New Edition preview and Adeptus Mechanicus Preorders - What’s new for Warhammer 40K – New Edition Preview and Adeptus Mechanicus Preorders! Saturday morning is made for Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar at the Gnome, and it’s time […]
Play FNM at Home - Any Card in Standard April 3 2020 Magic – Play FNM at Home today – Any Card in Standard on Arena! - It’s Friday and that means it’s time for Friday Night Magic at the Gnome – This week – Play FNM at home! In Wisconsin Friday nights are made for fish […]