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More Star Wars, More Destiny!

Gnome Games – now with even more Star Wars Destiny!

Star Wars Destiny is a smash hit! The tables at the Gnome are full of dice rolling fun every week, and now we have some more opportunities to roll the dice, experience the force and Play Star Wars Destiny at the Gnome.

First we are adding two more Destiny tournaments weekly. We will now be holding tournaments every Saturday at our Green Bay East location and every Sunday at our Appleton location.

These Star Wars Destiny Tournaments will be in addition to our normal weekly Thursday Night tournaments at Green Bay West and our monthly OP tournaments at each store.

Gnome Games will host 3 Store Championship events for Star Wars Destiny this summer.

**Spirit of Rebellion is legal for all OP and Store Championship events, the weekly tournaments may have various formats**

Now to the goods. The information!!

Weekly Star Wars Destiny Tournaments

“Win a Match, Win a pack” – $5 entry
Thursday 6:00pm @ Green Bay West
Saturday 2:00pm @ Green Bay East
Sunday 2:00pm @ Appleton
We’ll keep the prizes coming as long as we have packs available – and based on the deal we cooked up that should last at least through the end of August.

“Fantasy Flight Organized Play events (these will be the tournaments for the tokens, and cards)” – $5 entry
1st Sunday of each month @Appleton
2nd Sunday of each month @Green Bay West
3rd Saturday of each month @Green Bay East

*The OP events will supersede the Win A Match, Win a Pack in Appleton on the 1st Sunday and at Green Bay East on the 3rd Saturday. *

“Star Wars Destiny Store Championship Events” – $10 entry”

Saturday, June 3rd @ Green Bay East
Saturday July 1st @ Appleton at Let’s Play –
Saturday August 12th @ Green Bay West

Info for these event can be found in this link:

The upcoming schedule for our Destiny “win a match, win a pack” events are as follows

Green Bay East Star Wars Destiny Events (Saturday 2 PM)

5/13/17 – Standard Format
5/20/17 – OP EVENT
5/27/17- Standard Format
6/3/17- STORE CHAMPIONSHIP Gnome Games Green Bay East
6/10/17- “Master and Apprentice” 2 characters/2 dice teams, 1 must be Unique, 1 must be Non Unique (teams must still obey villain/hero only)
6/17/17-Standard Format
6/24/17- “I got the blues” All decks may only contain blue and grey cards (teams must still obey villain/hero only)

Green Bay West Star Wars Destiny Events (Thursday 6:00 PM)

5/18/17-Standard Format
5/25/17- No Legendary Cards (teams must still obey villain/hero only)
6/1/17- Standard Format
6/8/17- Standard Format
6/15/17- “Dark Descent” All decks must be Villain only
6/22/17- “Fear the Sword” Characters cannot have any ranged damage sides (teams must still obey villain/hero only)
6/29/17- Standard Format

Appleton East Star Wars Destiny Events (Sunday 2 PM)

5/21/17- Standard Format
5/28/17- Standard Format
6/4/17- OP EVENT
6/11/17- “Chaos” Decks must obey color rules, but can be villain/hero mixed
6/18/17- Standard Format
6/25/17- Standard Format

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