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Yu-Gi-Oh Special OTS 13 Pack Promotion!

Yu-Gi-Oh OTS Pack 13 – Purchase Promotion

Attention Yu-Gi-Oh players: We know how much you love the OTS packs you get from playing in our tournaments, but with recent events we haven’t been able to hold any tournaments. We don’t want you to miss out though, so our friends at Konami have announced a special promotion!

For OTS pack 13 Konami is allowing players to get some just for picking up new cards!

If you purchase $15 (before tax) in Yu-Gi-Oh product you get an OTS 13 pack too! For a $30 purchase you can get two!

This may not be combined with the Yu-Gi-Oh Lost Art promotion, so if you’re at $30 you can make a choice between a Lost Art Card or 2 OTS 13 packs. It’s up to you! (Or go big, spend $60 and get 2 OTS and a Lost Art!)

What can you buy to participate in the promotion? Any new Yu-Gi-Oh product like decks, booster packs, special edition sets are all eligible – as long as it adds up to the right amount.

This promotion is only good on OTS 13 and is while supplies last, so make sure you stop in!

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