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Warcry Catacombs releases October 31!

Warcry Catacombs available at Gnome Games

Games Workshop releases Warcry Catacombs October 31!

Preorder your Warcry Catacombs before October 28 and save 10% at Gnome Games.  Just stop in any Gnome Games store, send us an email or message us via Facebook messenger and we’ll have a copy waiting for you on Halloween!Warhammer Warcry LogoWarcry is back, with Warcry Catacombs, a brand-new core starter box with an exciting new environment in which to battle rival warbands! Battle in the  catacombs below the Eightpoints comes to the tables on Saturday October 31, but you can reserve your copy at Gnome Games today! Warcry Catacombs available at Gnome Games

Two new Warbands – perfect for a 2 player starter set!

There are 2  brand-new warbands included in the Warcry Catacombs set.  While the Scions of the Flame have already appeared in the lore, they’ve been completely bring to life  with a stunning set of miniatures that typify the fire-worshipping Chaos zealots.

Warcry Catacombs Scions of the Flame

While Scions of the Flame run hot; the  cold, murderous fury of the Khainite Shadowstalkers – lethal aelven killers hand-picked by Morathi herself and augmented by supernatural powers are lethal opponents and the perfect second warband for this new Warcry set.

Warcry Catacombs - Khainite Shadowstalkers Warband

New Terrain and Gameboard for your Warcy skirmish battles!

In addition to two new warbands, the Warcry Catacombs set also includes a 30″ x 22″ double-sided, fold-out gameboard.  One side represents the molten lava flows and the other the dimly lit caverns of Varanthax’s Maw. If these aren’t enough locations to fight – don’t forget to preorder the Warcry: Catacombs Board Pack that’s also available to pre-order at Gnome Games this week.Warcry Catacombs Game BoardThe new Warcry core set contains at lest  37 pieces of beautiful and deadly dungeon terrain for you to utilize in your skirmishes.  These sculpts are incredible and add a lot to the table for any Warcry or Age of Sigmar battle.

Warcry Catacombs terrain

Age of Sigmar – Warcry Core Rulebook

Warcry: Catacombs includes the Warcry Core Book, and introduces the Bloodwind Spoil setting  and all of the main rules. It also features guidelines for open, narrative, and matched play, as well as creating a myriad of battleplans and Warcry’s unique campaign quest system.

Age of Signmaer - Warcry Core Rulebook

One book wouldn’t be enough for this big box, and Games Workshop has included The Catacombs book. This takes the action underground, details the dangerous networks of subterranean caverns surrounding Varanthax’s Maw. The Tunnels of Death rules then give you with everything you need to know about fighting within this deadly environment. It contains sections devoted to dungeon battles,  campaign quests and even fated quests, available to every Warcry faction.

Tools, Tokens and Dice

The Warcry Catacombs Set includes a full set of tokens, tools and dice; and has everything you’ll need to play right out of the box. This includes a 12″ range ruler, 18 dice, and a double-sided card token board containing more than 70 pop-out tokens.
Warcry tools tokens and diceDon’t forget to preorder your Warcy Catacombs before Wednesday October 28 at any Gnome Games store and you’ll save 10%! That’s  enough to get a bunch of paint to make your warbands really pop on the table!

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What’s new – Warhammer 40K New Edition preview and Adeptus Mechanicus Preorders

New Adeptus Mechanicus available at Gnome Games

What’s new for Warhammer 40K – New Edition Preview and Adeptus Mechanicus Preorders!

Saturday morning is made for Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar at the Gnome, and it’s time for a look at what’s new!  This week we have a sneak peek at what awaits in the next edition of Warhammer 40K and some new miniature choices for an old favorite – Adeptus Mechanicus.  Don’t forget to preorder online before Tuesday June 2nd to take advantage of the Gnome Games preorder special as well!

Warhammer 40K New Edition

Last week Games workshop shook things up a bit with the announcement of a new edition of Warhammer 40K.  While we don’t have a date for it yet, and many of the details are still a long way off we do know a few things.

First you can learn about all of the news as it happens on the new Warhammer 40K site.  Don’t worry that you won’t be able to get the cool stuff from Gnome Games – if Games Workshop has it – we can get it for you, and with the Gnome Games Preorder program we’ll save you a little bit of cash as well .  Every Saturday we’ll give you a preorder for the following week (we can’t share that information before Saturday or the folks in Nottingham will send some suit with a chainsword to wreak havoc) and when you preorder online by Tuesday 9 AM – we’ll take at least 10% off your preorder.   Your miniatures will be available Saturday morning at release, waiting for you to assemble paint and play with!

Now here’s a Sneak Peek at the new Warhammer 40K edition trailer

The cool things we already know –

  • Current Codexes and troops will all be playable in the new edition.
  • Narrative play experience – battle experience can be used to improve and harden your troops!
  • Tanks are back!
  • Terrain matters!
  • Combat Patrols to Apocalypse – it’a ll in here
  • New Strategic Reserves
  • The Head Gnomes favorite – Artillery and big guns on the table!
  • Up in the air! YES! – Watch the video to learn more!

Gnome Games will be ready for the new edition and get your armies to you!

What’s New – Adeptus Mechanicus New releases – June 6

Adeptus Mechanicus is getting some new firepower, new troops and a Psychic Awakening on June 6.  Preorder your miniatures and books from Gnome Games before 9 AM June 2 and we’ll have them waiting for you on Saturday June 6, and when you preorder online, you’ll save 10%!   It’s our way of saying thank you for preordering with us (and doing all the data entry work).  Just head over to the Preorder page and grab what you want!

Adeptus Mechanicus newrelease available at Gnome Games

Here’s the new Adeptus Mechanicus releases –

The Rules

Psychic Awakening – Engine War – all the rules and information you;ll need to assemble, deploy and command your Adeptus Mechanicus forces.

The Troops

Warhammer 40K Start Collecting! Adeptus Mechanicus – a new start collecting box with a lot of great options to get started or reinforce your army.

In the Air

Adeptus Mechanicus  Pteraxii – The 5 figure Pteraxii kit builds two new units – the Sterylizors and Skystalkers – to expand the tactical options of the armed forces of the Omnissiah.

Adeptus Mechanicus Archaeopter – the design of the Archaeopter can be assembled in 3 different configureations – the Transvector, Stratoraptor and Fusilave; as a troop transport,  a gunship or as a tactical bomber!

Calvary and Scouts!

Adeptus Mechanicus Serbery’s Raiders – 3 mounted cavalry that can be assembled to be Serberys Raiders or the Serberys Sulphurhounds and are the scouts and shock cavalry of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Leader

Adeptus Mecahnicus Tech-Priest Manipulus – on a 50mm base this new tech priest cyber-bad boy knows all, sees all and leads all to victory!

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Car Wars – Sixth Edition is coming to your table through Gnome Games!

Car Wars 6th Edition at Gnome Games

Gnome Games is backing Car Wars Sixth Edition!

Steve Jackson Games is bringing back Car Wars Sixth Edition and you can reserve your copy at Gnome Games or right here today!

North America, A.D. 2069. It’s a new American frontier. The collapse of the U.S. government plunged the country back into the good old days — days of wilderness lawlessness, banditry, regional dictators, and of the men and women who combat them. Modern-day knights and gunslingers are in demand; but the automobile has replaced the horse, and the machine-gun and recoilless rifle have made the sword and Winchester obsolete.

Welcome to 2069. It’s a rough world, but it’s the only one around . . .

Car Wars Sixth Edition

Put the pedal to the metal and fire up the weapons systems – Car Wars Sixth Edition is going to be a big one! Gnome Games is backing the new, faster, streamlined edition of Car Wars, which will include detailed “hot wheels sized” plastic car models. So, Gaslands players, you are going to want to look at this as well! The new Car Wars game was designed to put you in the driver’s seat and into the action within moments of opening the game box. Hit the link and just see what’s all been included already!

Here’s what you need to know about reserving a copy of Car Wars 6th Edition through Gnome Games

  • Gnome Games will match the Kickstarter pricing.
  • We may have to factor in some shipping costs, but if so, they will very likely be lower than if you back directly.
  • Gnome Games will get all the “Double Ace” stretch goals.
  • We can you get all the add-ons! We will coordinate this once the Kickstarter fulfillment process starts
  • You don’t need to prepay anything other than a $5 deposit that is fully refundable if Steve Jackson Games doesn’t deliver the Kickstarter.  You will pay the remaining balance plus applicable sales tax when you pick your copy up at any Gnome Games store.
  • If you’d like to back through us or reserve a copy, just stop in any Gnome Games store OR back it right here!
  • Expected arrival is November 2020, but that date may change based on manufacturing. We’ll keep you posted as Steve Jackson Games provides us with details.

Want to get a sneak peek at the Car Wars Sixth Edition Game?
Check this out – then reserve your copy here today.

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Trogdor the Burninator arrives later this fall!

Trogdor the Burninator arrives at the Gnome In October – Preorder today!

Trogdor! The Board Game – A game of Cooperative Burnination and Majesty!

In the kingdom of Peasantry, the beefy-armed dragon Trogdor the Burninator has one goal: the total destruction of the countryside! Players take on the roles of the Keepers of Trogdor, mysterious acolytes of the Burninator who use their unique abilities and items to help Trogdor in his destructive quest. Burninate the countryside and its cottages by flipping them to their flaming side! Chomp peasants for health or fry them for fun! Do all this while avoiding knights and archers and majesty shall be yours! Er… shall be Trogdor’s… more accurately.


  • Screen Printed Wooden Meeples
  • Collectible Quality Painted Plastic Miniatures (play with the meeples, put the minis on the shelf!)
  • Double-Sided Flippable Map Tiles

Homestar Runner will be sending Trogdor! The Board Game, a cooperative board game to Gnome Games in October!

This game is inspired by the Trogdor, the Burninator character from Homestar Runner’s Strong Bad web cartoon series.

Trogdor! The Board Game is a cooperative board game that takes place in the land of Peasantry where players become the Keepers of Trogdor. Their goal is to use various action and item cards to help Trogdor work his way around a 25-tile board, and turn each countryside tile to its “burninated” side. However, the peasants aren’t going to take Trogdor’s assault lying down. They fight back by sending knights and archers after Trogdor to impede his progress.

Players take their turns controlling Trogdor. On their turn, they can use action points to bestow action and item cards on Trogdor so he can more optimally burn obstacles, eat peasants, and flip tiles. The game continues until the players either win by flipping all of the countryside tiles to their ‘burninated’ side, or lose when Trogdor’s health runs out before the tiles are all flipped.

Trogdor! The Board Game is for one to six players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 45 minutes. It will retail for $60.00.

Preorder Trogdor! online today and the Gnomes will have it waiting for you at your favorite Gnome Games store!

Preorder Trogdor the Board Game Online before October 5th for just $54.99 and we’ll let you know when it’s in at your favorite Gnome Games store!

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Magic Commander 2018 Preorders are now available!

Gnome Games brings you Magic Commander 2018 on Friday August 10th – preorder your copy today!

Magic Commander 2018 hits the tables at Gnome Games on Friday August 10th and we’ve got a couple of special events ready for you, but first let’s talk about preorders!

Preorder an entire set of the decks for just $125 plus tax at any of the Gnome Games stores. This will also include a free entry for you AND UP TO 3 FRIENDS into the Commander Deck Challenge on Friday August 10th at either Gnome Games Green Bay East or Gnome Games Appleton East (Entry is $5 / player without a commander deck).

The special preorder price is valid at all stores or ONLINE while supplies last, with the $125 special preorder price ending at midnight on August 1st. This deal may not be combined with coupons or other discounts.

So what’s in Commander 2018?

For starters – how about… Legendary Planeswalkers!

Of course, a couple more Legendary Creatures…

And one commander you just ‘give away’ …

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Magic – Dominaria Pre Order Now!

Gnome Games is taking preorders for Magic Dominaria at all of our stores and online!

Exciting news Planeswalkers!

Gnome Games is now taking preorders for the upcoming Magic: the Gathering set Dominaria!

*Until April 23rd when you stop in, preorder and prepay for a Dominaria Booster Box you can take advantage of our pre order pricing: $95 per box! Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity – after April 23rd the price per box returns to its normal price!*

Magic Dominaria Display
Preorder Online Today!

If a single box of Dominaria isn’t enough, stop in before April 23rd and ask about our special Booster Case (6 boxes) pricing!

About Dominaria:

After Nicol Bolas’s victory over the Gatewatch’s during the events of Hour of Devistation, Gideon and Liliana have arrived on Dominaria to begin their mission to kill Belzenlok – the final demon holding Liliana’s contract!

  • Walk the plane of Dominaria for the first time since the Time Spiral Block!
  • Play with new cards created by the first design team to feature Richard Garfield since the original Innistrad block!
  • Cast some of your favorite returning Legendary characters such as Teferi, Jhoria and Karn!
  • The Legendary theme continues with a Legendary Creature in EVERY booster pack!
  • Unleash powerful new Legendary Sorceries – only playable while you control a Legendary Creature or Planeswalker! These are sure to make waves in Commander!
  • Learn to harness he power of the mysterious new Saga Enchantments which tell a story as they wreak havoc on your opponents!

Dominaria Set Specs

Set Name: Dominaria

Number of Cards: 269

Magic Open House: April 14-15, 2018

Prerelease Weekend: April 21-22, 2018

Release Date: April 27, 2018

Draft Weekend: April 28-29, 2018

Standard Showdown Begins: May 6, 2018

Store Championship: June 18-24, 2018 Watch our calendar for announcements

Official Three-Letter Code: DOM