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Warcry Catacombs releases October 31!

Warcry Catacombs available at Gnome Games

Games Workshop releases Warcry Catacombs October 31!

Preorder your Warcry Catacombs before October 28 and save 10% at Gnome Games.  Just stop in any Gnome Games store, send us an email or message us via Facebook messenger and we’ll have a copy waiting for you on Halloween!Warhammer Warcry LogoWarcry is back, with Warcry Catacombs, a brand-new core starter box with an exciting new environment in which to battle rival warbands! Battle in the  catacombs below the Eightpoints comes to the tables on Saturday October 31, but you can reserve your copy at Gnome Games today! Warcry Catacombs available at Gnome Games

Two new Warbands – perfect for a 2 player starter set!

There are 2  brand-new warbands included in the Warcry Catacombs set.  While the Scions of the Flame have already appeared in the lore, they’ve been completely bring to life  with a stunning set of miniatures that typify the fire-worshipping Chaos zealots.

Warcry Catacombs Scions of the Flame

While Scions of the Flame run hot; the  cold, murderous fury of the Khainite Shadowstalkers – lethal aelven killers hand-picked by Morathi herself and augmented by supernatural powers are lethal opponents and the perfect second warband for this new Warcry set.

Warcry Catacombs - Khainite Shadowstalkers Warband

New Terrain and Gameboard for your Warcy skirmish battles!

In addition to two new warbands, the Warcry Catacombs set also includes a 30″ x 22″ double-sided, fold-out gameboard.  One side represents the molten lava flows and the other the dimly lit caverns of Varanthax’s Maw. If these aren’t enough locations to fight – don’t forget to preorder the Warcry: Catacombs Board Pack that’s also available to pre-order at Gnome Games this week.Warcry Catacombs Game BoardThe new Warcry core set contains at lest  37 pieces of beautiful and deadly dungeon terrain for you to utilize in your skirmishes.  These sculpts are incredible and add a lot to the table for any Warcry or Age of Sigmar battle.

Warcry Catacombs terrain

Age of Sigmar – Warcry Core Rulebook

Warcry: Catacombs includes the Warcry Core Book, and introduces the Bloodwind Spoil setting  and all of the main rules. It also features guidelines for open, narrative, and matched play, as well as creating a myriad of battleplans and Warcry’s unique campaign quest system.

Age of Signmaer - Warcry Core Rulebook

One book wouldn’t be enough for this big box, and Games Workshop has included The Catacombs book. This takes the action underground, details the dangerous networks of subterranean caverns surrounding Varanthax’s Maw. The Tunnels of Death rules then give you with everything you need to know about fighting within this deadly environment. It contains sections devoted to dungeon battles,  campaign quests and even fated quests, available to every Warcry faction.

Tools, Tokens and Dice

The Warcry Catacombs Set includes a full set of tokens, tools and dice; and has everything you’ll need to play right out of the box. This includes a 12″ range ruler, 18 dice, and a double-sided card token board containing more than 70 pop-out tokens.
Warcry tools tokens and diceDon’t forget to preorder your Warcy Catacombs before Wednesday October 28 at any Gnome Games store and you’ll save 10%! That’s  enough to get a bunch of paint to make your warbands really pop on the table!

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Warhammer 40K Shadowspear is here!

Warhammer Shadowspear arrives at all Gnome Games stores Saturday April 16th.

If you are reading this you missed the Take 10 Deal.  No worries, we will have more opportunities for you in the future!

The best deal of the spring for Warhammer 40K players arrives next week. You’ll want to get your copy to take advantage of this great value. With the Gnome Games Take 10! Program you’ll get an even better deal and have the Shadowspear wating for you at the Gnome Games store of your choice on Saturday March 16th.

Warhammer 40,000: Shadowspear

The Best Battlebox Ever?

Enter a new era of war in Warhammer 40,000: Shadowspear – a new battlebox that pits the resurgent forces of the Daemonkin against the ruthless infiltrators of the Vanguard Space Marines.

Assemble your forces with 34 brand-new miniatures, including new Primaris Space Marines and reborn Chaos classics.

Expand your Warhammer 40,000 army with two codexes, each with new psychic powers, Warlord Traits, datasheets, matched play points and more.

Explore the latest stage in the battle for the Vigilus system with thrilling lore, stunning art and a mini-campaign.

Whether you’re expanding an existing army, starting a new one or want to join in the next chapter of the ongoing narrative of the Imperium Nihilus, make sure to secure your copy of Shadowspear at Gnome Games today. Order through our Take 10! Program and we’ll take $17.50 off and have your copy waiting for you on Saturday!

Warhammer 40,000: Shadowspear


A fantastic value Warhammer 40,000 box set – Packed with 35 brand-new Citadel miniatures!

Vanguard Space Marines – compatible with any Space Marines force:

– 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 1 Librarian, 3 Suppressors, 10 Infiltrators, 3 Eliminators

Chaos – compatible with any Chaos force:

– 1 Master of Possession, 10 Chaos Space Marines, 1 Venomcrawler, 2 Obliterators, 2 Greater Possessed

All miniatures are only available in this box set at this time

Includes two 24-page codexes, campaign book, and Warhammer 40,000 Core Rules sheet
MSRP $175

Take 10!

This is the premier of the Gnome Games Take 10! Preorder Program.

Preorder ONLINE before 8 AM Wednesday March 13th,put 10% down, and we’ll take 10% off the preorder purchase and have your Shadowspear waiting for you at the Gnome Games store of your choice!

We figure it will take all of 10 minutes for your to preorder and pick it up, us to make sure it’s on the way and ready for you and that you should get something for taking the time to preorder. 10% seems fair all around so we are calling the program Take 10!
That will save you $17.50!
($140.00 + Tax will be due when you pick up the Shadowspear)

Take 10! Program requires online prepayment of 10% of the MSRP of the item. Item must be picked up within 10 days of street date or down payment is forfeit. Gnome Games will take 10% off the MSRP when the customer picks up the item. Gnome Games may limit purchases available for the Take 10! Program at any time. Not all preorders will be included in the Take 10! Program.  Other deals, discounts and coupons may not be applied to the Take 10! Program unless specifically allowed.


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Warhammer 40K Tournament 1000 Point Rules

Gnome Games hosts 1000 Point Warhammer 40K Tournaments monthly. Here are the rules we play by

Warhammer 40K Tournament Rules for 1000 Point Tournaments at Gnome Games. We have a focus on fun, camaraderie and good sportsmanship in support of the hobby. We reserve the right to adjust these rules at any time for any reason. Specific event rules may supersede these rules.

1000 pt Army Selection

  • 1000 point armies. Army must follow all restrictions for army selection from its own Codex. Only the main army list may be used, so no appendix lists are permitted.
  • 2 detachments maximum
  • Only armies from current Codices or officially approved White Dwarf articles may be taken.
  • Players must use the same army and list for the entire event.


All models must accurately represent the appropriate army selection in a manner that your opponent can clearly tell what the unit is and how it is equipped without being told. Models must be correctly modeled with Games Workshop miniatures, bitz or converted from primarily GW parts (roughly 80%). Other modeling parts and raw materials are allowed, but not as the primary basis of the models.

  • Forge World Modes are allowed.
  • Lords of War are not allowed unless specified by the event.

Painting and Basing

  • All models must be based properly
  • Painting by 3. Miniatures must be painted to the 3 color minimum standard by the 3rd event a player plays in.
    The only exception to this is a 1 event exception for a new army or unit purchased from Gnome Games 30 days or less prior to the event.

Player Responsibilities

Players are responsible for bringing all materials necessary to play. This includes:

  • 4 copies of your army list (Printed is preferred)
  • A current Warhammer 40,000 rulebook
  • Current Codex for your Army.
  • The most currently published rules for all units represented in their army
  • All materials needed to play a game/report the results – including:
    • dice
    • measuring devices
    • writing implement

Players are also responsible for conducting themselves in an appropriate, sportsmanlike manner at all times.

Game Rulings

Gnome Games uses official GW FAQs. Please contact [email protected] with any questions not covered by this FAQ prior to the tournament. All disputes not covered by the FAQ are ruled by the Tournament Judge during the event. All judge rulings are final.
The Warhammer 40,000 Latest Edition Rules and all relevant Official Games Workshop Errata and FAQs will be used. In the case of a conflict between printed and digital versions, the most recent update or FAQ will take precedence.

Tournament Format

Gnome Games Warhammer 40,000 tournament format are as follows:

  • Swiss style pairing by compared player scores based on victory points.
  • (1000pt rounds are 90 Minutes)
  • Round 1Matches
  • Round 2 Matches
  • Round 3 Matches
  • Prizes and Awards


Mission Selection

At the start of the tournament, the judge randomly assigns the Seize Ground, Capture & Control and Annihilation missions to each round. No two missions are used twice. All matches use the same mission.

Game Setup

  1. Table Setup: Terrain is set-up at the tables prior to the start of the event. Players agree how terrain is ruled and will affect the game.
  2. Mission Setup 1000 pt: Set up the mission as detailed in the Warhammer 40,000 rule book.
  3. Deployment: Determine who goes first and table edges, then deploy as the mission dictates.
  4. Seize the Initiative: Roll “Seize the Initiative”.

Scoring Warhammer 40,000 Tournament Games

  1. Victory Points: Use rules for victory points (WH40k p.300). Total victory points as normal, then divide this total by half and round up.
  2. VP Modifiers (1000 pt only): Then modify both players base victory point scores as follows:
    1. +200 victory points if you won the mission.
  3. Determine Winner: The final total is your victory points and is the score reported to the judge.