Legacies Cycle is Coming to Gnome Games!

It has never been a more exciting time to be a Star Wars fan. The new movie is in theaters, clothes and swag are now commonplace and everyone wants a piece of the Star Wars pie. We are living in the Golden Age of Star Wars.

With that, Gnome Games would like to announce the release of Star Wars Destiny: Legacies! The latest set of the HOT HOT HOT new card and dice game Star Wars Destiny. This Thursday (January 11th) We invite EVERYONE to come join us for our Star Wars: Destiny- Legacies Release Party!

Gnome Games Green Bay West
January 11th @ 6:00pm
Open League and Learn To Play
*Buy a starter and learn how to play Star Wars Destiny*

Gnome Games Green Bay West
January 11th @ 6:30pm
$5 Win a Match, Win a Pack of Legacies
3 Rounds ** Everyone leaves with at least one booster if full participation**

20 card minimum Decks (Maximum 30)

**Pick up a starter and jump right in to a game of Destiny!**

New Starters (Boba & Luke) will be available for
Star Wars: Destiny Boosters

Gnome Games also provides singles at price for older Sets such as Awakenings and Spirit of Rebellion

What is Star Wars: Destiny?

Nearly everyone has encountered Pokemon, YuGiOh or Magic at some point. Star Wars: Destiny is the new heavy hitter looking to work its way into the triumvirate of collectible card games. Only in its infancy, Star Wars: Destiny released just over a year ago to an enthusiastic crowd. Capitalizing on the addicting chase of collectible games, the fun of rolling dice, and bursting from the seams with juicy theme; it pits all your favorite characters from Star Wars in a dogfight to the last man standing.

Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Mace Windu!

All of your favorite characters fighting side by side to defeat your opponent. In Star Wars: Destiny, you build a team of characters to fight your opponents. Each character comes equip with just their basic stats, throughout the course of the game you will be equipping your characters with blasters, lightsabers, equipment, force powers, jedi robes; you name it. All of these upgrades will turn your characters into powerhouses to defeat your opponents forces. But just as you are upgrading and attacking your opponent, they will be doing the same to you… just as quickly.

Speed and Swiftness

One thing that stands out in Star Wars: Destiny is how quick it plays. Compared to a game of Pokemon or YuGiOh where you could be sitting at the table for nearly 50 minutes; a game of Star Wars: Destiny rarely goes over 20.

This can mostly be accredited to its one big fundamental difference from the other games. Star Wars: Destiny prides itself on its constant back and forth. In most games, you do your entire turn. You analyze every single possibility while your opponent sits there and makes themselves dinner, watches a movie, and takes a nap.

In Star Wars: Destiny, you take 1 SINGLE action.
You play a card? My turn!
You roll a die? My turn!
I enter Luke Skywalker into the battle? You turn!

There is no time to stop and stare, you just play.

Only 2 Rules!

The beauty of Star Wars: Destiny is its simplicity. It is just a dogfight between a handful of characters. The cards will tell you what they do, and then your opponent goes. The only 2 rules of the game are that Villains and Heroes may never be on the same team(neutral can go in both), and your cards must match in color(gray may always be used regardless). If you are using Blue and Yellow characters, the cards in your deck may only be Yellow, Blue or Gray. You can still use those cards on either character (Blue characters may still hold Yellow guns), you just need to meet play requirements.

The breakdown of colors is
Yellow – Smugglers/Bounty Hunters
Blue- Jedi/Sith
Red- Military(Good or Bad Guys)

Gnome Games Is Your Destiny!

Gnome Games has Destiny 3 times a week.

Gnome Games Green Bay West- Thursday Nights 6-9PM
Gnome Games Green Bay East– Saturday afternoons 2-5PM
Gnome Games Appleton East- Sunday afternoons 2-5

Stop into a location today and pick up the original Kylo and Rey Starters or stop in on Thursday and get the BRAND NEW STARTER SETS!

Want to see if its for you? Here is a link to the tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gPu9pp2WOM

Stop in to our Green Bay West location and talk to Colby, a Store Champion and Regional contender, about how YOU can start discovering your Destiny at Gnome Games.

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