Star Wars: Destiny – Rivals Draft Release Events!

The Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Set introduces a new way to play Destiny in the form of draft and sealed events. Playing in a draft requires each player to have one Rivals Draft Set and six Star Wars: Destiny booster packs of any set. What’s more, the cards in your Rivals Draft Set are completely reusable—no matter how many drafts you play, you’ll only ever need to buy a single copy of the Rivals Draft Set to enable your draft games of Star Wars: Destiny!

Gnome Games will have Rivals packs for sale and YOU WILL need one in order to play in our Rivals Draft Events this weekend. Gnome Games will be hosting 2 events, one on Thursday night at Green Bay West and one on Sunday afternoon at Appleton!

How does destiny draft work?

In Star Wars Destiny, each player starts off by receiving their Rivals Draft set. Included in this set is 4 Neutral Characters, each a different color. Also included in the Rivals Draft set is a 20 card deck and 2 battlefields.


Once you have your draft set put aside, players are placed in pods of 6 players maximum. Once seated, each player receives 6 booster packs. Each player opens only 3 packs and combines the card pool of the three packs for a total of 15 cards. Then they select ONE card and pass the remaining cards to their left. Passing continues like this until there are no cards left to pass. THEN you will open your other 3 packs and combine the card pools once again. This time you will select a card and pass to the right! Once all cards are gone you will take your “drafted” cards (which should equal 30) AND your Draft Set and build a 30 card maximum deck.

Hero and villain restrictions no longer apply in draft BUT color deck restrictions do. You MAY pair a hero and villain together but you MAY NOT use red cards in a deck without a red character.

Also, you MAY include villain cards in a deck with no villain and vise-versa. If you are running only neutral and hero blue characters, you can still run villain blue and gray cards.

Where can I draft this weekend?

Gnome Games is offering you the chance to draft TWICE!

The first event will be before the weekend
Location: Gnome Games Green Bay West
Date: Thursday, February 15th
Time: 6:00pm SHARP
Entry: $35 or $20 + sales Tax if you already have a Rivals draft set and bring it to play with

The second will be
Location: Gnome Games Appleton
Date: Sunday, February 18th
Time: 2:00pm SHARP
Entry: $35 or $20 + Sales Tax if you already have a Rivals draft set and bring it to play with.

For those that have a draft set, you MUST present it at purchase.

Much like the pre-release and release events, Star Wars Destiny Rivals release does have some beautiful Aurebesh promo cards, including the crafted lightsaber and targeting computer.


Green Bay Hunters!!!

Destiny is one of the hottest games in the area right now! Gnome Games is the home of one of its first official “teams” known as the Green Bay Hunter! Collect your bounty in our stores, play frequently and you may just find yourself a member of the team. Gnome Games Green Bay West is the official Headquarters of the Hunters!

When else can I play?

Stop in to play in one of our draft events this week, and don’t forget that Gnome Games runs Destiny 3 days a week!
Gnome Games GBW: Thursdays @ 6:00pm, $5 entry, 3 rounds win a match, win a pack (OP 2nd Sunday)
Gnome Games GBE: Saturdays @ 2:00pm, $5 entry, 3 rounds win a match, win a pack (OP 3rd Saturday)
Gnome Games APE: Sundays @ 2:00pm, $5 entry, 3 rounds win a match, win a pack (OP 1st Sunday)

Never played before?

Stop in to Gnome Games Green Bay West and speak with Hunters Team Captain and Community leader Colby to learn how you get started.

Also, follow this link to learn how to play :

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