Wargames Mega Brush Set – The Army Painter


Wargames Mega Brush Set by The Army Painter

This brush set comes with every paintbrush a painter needs. From basecoat to fine detailing, this set has it all. In the box you get five detail paint brushes – Detail, Insane Detail, Psycho, Character, and Regiment. These brushes provide accuracy and precision for the details such as pupils, clothes buttons, and weapon detailing. There are four large brushes – Monster, Small Drybrush, Large Drybrush, and Vehicle/Terrain. Lastly, a black handled Kolinsky Masterclass Brush with soft, flexible point is included.

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Wargames Mega Brush Set by The Army Painter available at Gnome Games

This Wargames Mega Brush Set comes with all the best Wargames Brushes available! From base painting to the tiniest details, this set has it all.  These ten brushes are high quality, specialized for their purpose, and hand made! Also included is the black-handled Kolinksy Masterclass Brush.


  • Insane Detail Brush
  • Detail Brush
  • Character Brush
  • Regiment Brush
  • Monster Brush
  • Small DrybrushFind The Army Painter Mega Brush Set at Gnome Games
  • Large Drybrush
  • Vehicle/Terrain Brush
  • The Psycho B rush
  • Kolinksy Masterclass Brush


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