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Unicornus Knights by Alderac Entertainment Group

Ages 14 and up
2-6 Players

Players must help the last remaining member of the Astroia royal family – the young Princess Cornelia. Her kingdom was overthrown by enemy forces and, despite no knowledge of politics or military tactics, she has vowed to avenge her family and take back the throne. Now, it’s finally time to move. It’s your job, together as the Unicornus Knights, to assist the princess in her march towards the capital. She is young and headstrong, and will march forward automatically. If you don’t help her, she will surely fall in battle. But being too careful will only waste time. The more time that passes, the stronger the empire becomes. Reach the capital and reclaim the throne! For Astoria!

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Unicornus Knights by Alderac Entertainment Group available at Gnome Games

The previously peaceful kingdom of Astoria was suddenly thrown into a war. Their enemy had military strength far exceeding Astoria’s and before long the capital city fell. Only one member of the royal family survived – the young princess Cornelia. She dedicated her life to finding vengeance for her people and it’s your job to assist her.

Help Princess Cornelia in this cooperative game in which players aim to return the princess to the capital city. You must gather soldiers and resources, defeat enemy generals, pave the way for followers, and finally help her reclaim her throne. The princess is headstrong, however, and marches onward automatically, stopping for no one and ignoring the advice of her allies. You must tactically help her and make sure she remains safe. Time is short, however. The longer you wait, the stronger your enemies become, and eventually they will notice your small group of rebels.

Here’s how to play Unicornus Knights

Game Contents

  • 27 Location tiles
  • 28 Character standees
  • 4 Princess cards
  • 12 Kingdom cards
  • 15 Empire cards
  • 60 Support cards
  • 24 Fate cards
  • 24 Event cards
  • 12 Dice
  • 100 Military tokens
  • 20 Damage tokens
  • 50 Resource tokens
  • Rulebook

Additional information

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Dimensions11.8 × 11.8 × 3.5 in

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